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Review Policy – Ratings

~*UPDATE: Juniper Grove is currently closed to new submissions!*~

Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused! My reviewers and I are working as hard as we can to get the current submissions reviewed. Once things settle down, I will re-open the blog for review requests.


I am more than happy to accept books from authors and/or publishers to review here on my blog. I love receiving books in print, but I will also accept ebooks for Kindle, Smashwords or .PDFs as well. If you have a book that you would like me to review, please message me at JaidisShaw at yahoo dot com and we can work out the details.

Below is a list of sites where my reviews will be posted:

* Here on the Juniper Grove blog

* Amazon – US

* Amazon – UK

* Barnes & Noble

* GoodReads

* LibraryThing

* Shelfari

* Smashwords – If a coupon is provided

I will read almost every genre, including but not limited too: fantasy, mystery, science fiction, thrillers, horror, comedy, romance, erotica, western, suspense, and action. I do not often review books that are written with strong religious themes, although I may if requested. In addition, I read books from all age groups, including children’s and young adult.

I review books on a first come, first serve basis instead of randomly choosing which to review first. It normally takes me just a few days to read the book and post the review, though sometimes it may take a bit longer due to the number of requests I get and the curve balls the life decides to throw my way. Please allow up to 4 weeks for your review to be posted. If a review is needed sooner, please just let me know so I can work your book in sooner. If for any reason I will not be able to post a review within the 4 weeks, I will send a message your way to update you. Also, if available, please send a picture of the book cover so that it may be posted with the review on my blog.

There are multiple reviewers here on Juniper Grove. Please note that if a digital book is sent for review, I may pass the book along to one of my trusted reviewers. However if this makes you uncomfortable, please just let me know in your initial review request. I will then ask my reviewers if any of them would be interested in reviewing your book. If so, I will send the you the email of my reviewer so that you may send them the book directly.

I stand behind the reviews posted here on Juniper Grove. If for some reason you feel as though the review of your book was inaccurate or there is an error in details, feel free to send an email my way and let me know. Simple errors may be fixed but please do not email me asking that I remove the review or change the rating that the review has been given. When review requests are submitted to Juniper Grove, you understand that the reviews reflect the personal and honest opinion of the reviewer, good or bad.

Also please note that I love hosting book giveaways and having guests on my blog! If you are interested in being a Featured Author or having me host a giveaway featuring your book, please just email me for details.

My Ratings:

Each book review post will have the above graphic added, along with a number for the rating. Below is a break down of the rating system.

Outstanding Story: These include books that I loved reading, that are well written and beautifully done. I can feel a connection to the characters and am pulled into the story along with them. These books hold my attention and are unique.

Great Stories: These include books that are very enjoyable for me to read but have some very minor issues with the writing, such as characters that are missing something or maybe were way over written.

Good Story: These include books that were a good read but some how just didn’t feel right to me. Maybe the characters seemed a little off or the writing style to rushed. I also find it hard for these to hold my attention in one part or another. Although with some editing, these could easily become Great Stories or better!

OK Story: These are books that I found somewhat dull and boring to read. They start off promising but never really get around to delivering, although I read it completely just hoping that it would get better.

Not My Style: These are books that I just could not finish, or if I did finish them, I would not go to the trouble of suggesting them to others.