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Featured Authors

I love having fellow authors and guests make appearances on Juniper Grove! Learn more about my guests by clicking the links to be taken directly to their posts.

If you are interested in being featured on Juniper Grove, click on the image above to be taken to the request form.

Guests are listed alphabetically by last name.


Arenson, Daniel – Flaming Dove Interview & Blood of Requiem Interview

Banks-Martin, Georgia Ann – Interview

Boland, Shalini – Interview

Brinling, John – Guest Post & Interview

Cavanagh, Cate – Interview

Coi, J.K. – Guest Post

Collins, Ardie – Interview

Duperre, Robert – Interview

Garret, Kyle – Interview

Gill, Carole – Interview

Hendrix, Sheila – Interview

James, T.L. – Interview

Kimelman, Emily – Interview

Knight, Cassiel – Interview

Kyle, Barbara – Interview

Martin, Debra – Interview

McCullough-White, Dawn – Interview

Moon, Jonathan – Interview

Pierce, J.M. – Interview

Plourde, Matthew – Interview

Rankin, Jay – Interview

Renae, Cameo – Interview

Sanderson, James D. – Guest Post

Sellers, L.J. – Guest Post

Siegerman, Robin – Interview

Titus, Lori – Interview

Tompkins, Denise – Interview

Turner-Molaski, Laina – Interview

Tyrpak, Suzanne – Interview

Vandagriff, GG – Interview

Woodburn, P.A. – Guest Post

Zurl, Wayne – Interview