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Guest Post by Author Rye James April 22, 2011

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First of all I’d like to thank Jaidis and Juniper Grove for having me during Dark Nights Week! My newest book is called A Soul Worth Taking, which will be the first book in a four book series called The Evil Series. It’s a paranormal book that also has some horror elements in it. I’ll try to give a slimmed down version of the book without giving too much away or any spoilers. The main character is a man named Mike Moore, who goes through a terrible tragedy. He’s in a vulnerable state of mind, which creates a bit of a pull over his soul between Heaven and Hell. The devil sees an opportunity to acquire another soul while he’s in a weakened state, before he pulls out of it, trying different tactics to entice him to seek revenge and further pull him into Hell. At the same time Heaven sends an angel to guide him through these dark times to prevent him from succumbing to evil.

The idea for the series actually came to me when I read an article about shadow creatures. I read a little more about them and thought of how I could use that in a book. I thought it’d be a pretty cool idea to have a series of books about how evil tries to seduce someone to the dark side, and in each book taking a different form to accomplish that task. So I outlined the first three books of the series and came up with A Soul Worth Taking, The Woods (book 2 – tentative title), and Shadow Man (book 3). I’m still in the process of outlining book four.

For those who are unfamiliar with me, this is the darkest book I have written. I’ve got five other books out, four are Westerns and the other a Suspense/Thriller. This is a book, and a series, that I’m extremely excited about and I think it has great potential. Each book will be a stand alone title and have a start and finish. There are no cliffhangers, though each book will offer a lead-in to the next story. Though I think it’s a good story, obviously readers will determine how good it is. I’m hopeful that they’ll enjoy it.

Thanks for the opportunity to visit! Happy Dark Nights!

Rye James


If you are interested in learning more about Mr. James, check out his Blog

Be sure to check out my Dark Nights Giveaway to enter for your chance to win a digital copy of A Soul Worth Taking!

Happy Reading,


The Glass Case by Kody Boye April 21, 2011

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The Glass Case


Kody Boye


There’s a girl sitting at a piano playing Mozart. There’s nothing really intricate about it—other than her actual playing, which some would say rivals that of the masters—but there’s something about it that makes it magical. Be it the way her fingers flush or her head sways, there’s something that makes everyone want to watch.

They say that making yourself a public spectacle is begging for attention.

For others, it’s an act of passage that is always meant to be fulfilled.

The crowd stands silently as the lights above flicker, then dim. Cast from an array of fixtures that resembles the shape of a star, the lights first rotate, positioning themselves on the pianist, then expand, creating the shape of a star. That night, some would have begged to question whether or not the six-pointed star was meant to resemble David instead of its traditional, five-pointed sister, a geometrical symbol lacking two triangles. However, it soon didn’t matter, as when the lights dimmed above and those surrounding the floor came on, everyone’s thoughts ceased to exist and their whispers drowned to silence.

Seated at the foot of the piano, the pianist raised her head.

A bloodied bandage covered her eyes.

Normally, one would have expected the audience to gasp, for it is in human nature to be compassionate toward another. Tonight, though, no one spoke a word, nor thought a bit of ill will toward the organizers of this event. It was all the same.

It was all the same.

Raising her hands, the pianist spread her fingers, each flushing accordingly as though pulled by the drawstrings of some greater being. Then she began to play.

Each point in the David’s Star brightened.

The pianist came fully into view.

No one said a word as she continued to play.

Every night for the past forty years, people would flock to the stadium to see the girl play. She was never let out, she was never set free, nor was she ever given the chance to speak—her mouth had been sewn shut ages before, when they first learned she was something more than just a woman. About this time, they removed her eyes and affixed her to a bench, the very one she sat upon now. Along with this, they stripped her of her false femininity and garbed her in a dress of bandages. Always she bled, because they said she was something more than human, but never once did she cry of scream.

Her mouth was sewn shut.

Her eyes were no longer there.

Trapped inside the shell of herself, she could do nothing more than play.

As she progressed halfway through the score, the air chilling and the sky darkening past its usual tone of white, the audience lost their breath and soon began to drown. As happened every night, men in black suits and oxygen masks came forward and allowed each patron a mask of their own. Once adorned, they continued to watch, eyes weeping and lips pursed.

A child bit her lip.

A woman trembled.

A baby stopped breathing and was forever lost to the world.

Raising her head, the pianist stopped playing.

Frozen, her joints popped and the veins in her pale body pulsed, but not once did she tremble past that.

Shortly thereafter, she began to play as though her very life depended on it. Her fingers thrashed, her shoulders lunged forward, her back arched and her neck snapped up and down as though repeatedly hit with a hammer. Her hips rocked to the tune of her body’s frantic movements, but her legs did not move—they simply dangled there, swaying in a wind that didn’t exist.

Someone in the audience gasped. His hands lashed forward and wrapped around his neck and began to squeeze as hard as he could. Meanwhile, his mouth dropped open and his oxygen mask fogged with breath. Throughout all this, he continued to watch, his eyes remaining open until he choked himself to death.

The pianist began to slow.

Hands trembling, elbows falling, she bowed her head.

She hit three more keys.

Do, Re, Mi.

The lights dimmed.

A curtain fell from the ceiling.

The audience began to clap as a glass case was briefly illuminated before disappearing behind a dark veil.

One by one, they began to file out.

Those unfortunate remained behind, forever lost to the girl inside the glass case.


Kody Boye is a full-time freelance formatting artist and writer currently living in the live music capital of the world: Austin, Texas. He is the author of the short story collection Amorous Things as well as the self-published novella The Diary of Dakota Hammell. Hailed as a ‘writer beyond his years’ (Bitten by Books), his work has been described as ‘beautiful, haunting and harrowing.’ (Fantastic Horror) You can visit him online at KodyBoye.com.

Happy Dark Nights,


Tattered Rags by Jodi Cain April 20, 2011

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Dark Nights Week is in full swing and today I have a special treat! We all enjoy books that are very descriptive, pulling us in and allowing us to catch a glimpse of the world that has been created. I believe this appeal is what makes movies so tempting, especially those made based on books. We are able to literally see our favorite book characters come to life on the screen! But what about other forms of visual arts? Today I have invited artist Jodi Cain to visit Juniper Grove and she graciously accepted! Jodi crafts some of the creepiest, dark themed dolls I have had the pleasure to see and I am excited to be able to tell you more about her artwork.

Since this is a book blog, I asked Jodi a few questions about her dolls in regards to books so let’s jump in!

Have you received any custom orders for dolls that are inspired by books?

I have gotten orders for some characters that appear in both books and movies such as Alice in Wonderland, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, American McGee’s Alice, Little Bo Peep, Cinderella, Coralline and Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Are there any characters from books that you are looking forward to creating?

I have often thought of making a Pipi Long Stockings doll

I know you put yourself into every doll you make but is there a doll that you especially enjoyed creating?

This is a tough question as I enjoy making all of them. When it comes to custom ordered dolls, I really enjoy the challenge of bringing other people’s ideas to life so to speak. And I always enjoy making Zombie dolls…there is something sort of therapeutic to be said about making a doll in a beautiful dress and then cutting her up and making her a bloody mess hehe!

Have you ever had any trouble coming up with a doll for a custom order?

Thankfully I haven’t! I’m a very creative person and I am easily inspired by everything around me. I just love the challenge of being given a basic idea and the freedom to run with it.

It’s obvious that people love your dolls because you have sold over 1000 dolls! Have you received any negative feedback due to the controversial nature of some of your dolls?

I have! Most of the feedback I receive is very positive but I have gotten the occasional email or comment from someone stating their dislike of a particular doll. It seems rather silly to me that anyone would go out of their way to comment on something that’s not appealing to them but I am all about freedom of expression so I welcome all feedback good or bad :)


Please take out a moment and check out Jodi’s website Tattered Rags!

To learn more about Jodi’s inspiration for making her dolls, check out her interview at Oddities Magazine

If you are interested in acquiring one of Jodi’s creations, you can purchase her dolls through her website or her Etsy store!

It was difficult for me to choose which photos to display with this post because all of Jodi’s dolls are amazing in their own way! The four dolls I did choose I believe are my favorites though :) What about you? What are your thoughts on Jodi’s creations?

Until Next Time,


Dark wish a Side of Haha! – Jesse Petersen April 19, 2011

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Dark with a Side of Haha!


Jesse Petersen


Hi everyone! Thanks to Jaidis and all of you for having me today during Dark Nights Week. I write zombies, which means I do fit into the theme for the week, but I do mine a bit differently. I add the funny. Think more “Shaun of the Dead” than “Dawn of the Dead”.

I didn’t mean to write a trilogy of zombie comedy. I was happily writing along, doing historical romances under my other name, when I ended up at a showing of “Zombieland” and wham! Everything changed. I had this idea for a scene. A scene where a couple in trouble is off to marriage counseling, only to discover that their therapist has been turned into a zombie. And now they have to use all her marital advice in order to escape the apocalypse with their sanity, bodies and marriage intact.

It became the opening for MARRIED WITH ZOMBIES (September 2010, Orbit Books). And it was so fun to write. If it happened in a zombie movie or story, it went into my book. And then I added a dash of snark, a hint of pop culture and a heavy dose of my own sense of humor.

I wrote the book in order to amuse myself and figure out what would happen to Dave and Sarah next, how they would overcome it, and if they would get their marriage act back together. If I made myself laugh, I was happy. You can’t imagine how happy I am that I’ve made other people laugh, too.

Dark stories about zombies and other monsters are awesome, don’t get me wrong. I love being scared and thrilled and unable to set the book down because I need to know what happens next in order to sleep. But I also love when horror and comedy collide. I think it makes the story even more human.

What about you? Do you like your stories with a dash of funny?

Jesse Petersen writes zomedies. MARRIED WITH ZOMBIES, FLIP THIS ZOMBIE and EAT SLAY LOVE (July 2011) are all part of the “Living With the Dead” series from Orbit Books.

Thank You Jesse for stopping by and guest posting! For me personally I love both straight horror and horror with comedy. Sometimes I am just in a mood to laugh and so I love having books with comedy elements around. The same goes for wanting to read something where I’m afraid to turn off the lights…hehe.

To learn more about Jesse Petersen and her writing check out her Website

Be sure to enter my Dark Nights Giveaway where 1 lucky winner will win a paperback copy of Married With Zombies and Flip This Zombie!

Happy Reading,


The Veil of Imagination by Lori Titus April 18, 2011

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The Veil of Imagination


Lori Titus


I was asked recently: why am I drawn to horror?

It’s a loaded question. There are the standby answers. Childhood trauma. Adult trauma. A certain form of madness that seems to plague people that write or stare out of classroom windows for too long.

So many of the people I know have the same mindset. Talk to enough authors of horror and crime drama, zombie stories and vampire lovers, doomed romances with paranormal leanings, and you can almost think you’re normal. Until you talk to someone else who isn’t a fellow author of the unexpected.

Where on Earth do you come up with this stuff?

The warm voice on the other end of the phone was a close friend, and I know she meant no harm by asking that question. It’s an honest one. That’s what makes it so hard to answer.

What a lot of authors probably think is….how come other people don’t come out with this stuff?

It may be that we’re just tuned in to a slightly different wavelength. Everything is a “what if.” What if the people across the street are a family of serial killers? What if the apocalypse has already started and no one has noticed yet? What if that kind man behind the candy store counter is waiting to pull out the already loaded shotgun he keeps in the stockroom the next time a customer pisses him off?

The whole world is ready fodder for our overactive imaginations.  Those of us who write scary stories like to embrace the beast, whether it is our own or someone else’s. In enumerating all the “what if‘s,” there is a feeling of safety. It’s a false security to be sure, as all the veils of shadow and imagination are.  But it makes some of us feel better. Exorcising our demons, our pain, our sick little thoughts, helps us sleep at night.

And if we can keep you clinging to our words, turning pages, and waiting for our next book, then it’s all for the best.


2011 Lori Titus

Lori is the Managing Editor of Flashes in the Dark. Her latest offerings, Lazarus and Green Water Lullaby are available on Amazon.com. Two more releases are due this Fall:
Hailey’s Shadow and The Moon Goddess.


Be sure to check out the Dark Nights Giveaway for your chance to win to awesome prizes!

Happy Dark Nights,


The Rebirth of the Dark Goddess T’nagtha by Jonathan MoOn April 17, 2011

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To kick-start my Dark Nights Week I thought it would be fitting to post a short story by none other than horrorcore author Jonathan MoOn! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Mr. MoOn’s writing, you will be able to get a taste for the darkness that exists in his writing with this story. Some of you may find it a little bit graphic in areas but I’ve made sure that there isn’t anything too scary so that it is blog friendly :)

The Rebirth of the Dark Goddess T’nagtha


Jonathan MoOn


The three witch sisters Rhoades (Mildred, Matilda, and Moses) lived deep in the sinister woods and worshipped the dark goddess T’nagtha in the solitude and shadows. They shared the same father (Clyde “Barnburner” Rhoades) but have three different witch mothers (not really of any consequence what their names are). In the winter of their thirty sixth year Mildred translated a verse in the dark book of S’gnnth, from which the witches studied and practiced their dark arts, that told of how the stars would align with the Krakens in the sea, the blooming of the ancient and powerful Seven Year Stink Weed, and the movement of the roving herds of wild guinea pigs of the region during the summer of their thirty seventh year. The verse told the sisters the Goddess T’nagtha could be summoned and reborn to bring riches and power to her coven with little more than a simple virgin sacrifice.

Overjoyed, the sisters immediately set about the tasks required to bring their goddess to life despite the drifts of snow piled high amongst the pines. Mildred continued translating both the required offerings for the sleeping goddess and the all powerful incantation for her summoning. Matilda journeyed to the nearest village and studied the young females to determine which among them was pure of heart and mind and soul and body enough to be slaughtered in the name of the goddess T’nagtha. Moses hiked through the waist deep snow up the side of the mountain to build the altar of stone and tree that would act both a sacrificial slab and birth canal for the goddess T’nagtha. Old Barnburner beamed with pride at the drive of his evil offspring so much so he began the monitoring of the native guinea pig herds and searching for the elusive Seven Year Stink Weed even through the snow.

The winter melted into spring and the Rhoades family grew giddy with excitement for the rebirth of the goddess T’nagtha. Mildred had fully translated the ancient symbols and she began to write the sinister incantation in her blood onto dried yak skin as the book of S’gnnth ordered. Matilda chose a chaste young sweetheart named Bertha Benine and she kept her eyes upon her always to insure she remained chaste. Moses built the grand altar of ancient stone and wood and it reached high above the tree tops in its hideous phallic glory. Their father, old Barnburner, made charts and maps of the wild guinea pig herds and he found and cultivated his own small garden full of Seven Year Stink Weed.

On the morning of the ritual the sisters’ plan was well in motion. They gathered their yaks skin with the words scribbled in blood, they gathered the offerings for their dark goddess T’nagtha, and they snatched the virgin Bertha Benine from the village. Old Barnburner gave them a satchel of his Seven Year Stink Weed and bid the girls farewell and good luck.
Matilda tied a rope around Bertha’s thin wrists and her hips. The witches cackled and sang old witching songs as they dragged poor Bertha through the forest to the altar. They arrived in the clearing where the altar loomed high above them and they began their pagan ritual. They chanted and danced. They whooped and hollered. When it came time to sacrifice the virgin Bertha a Sasquatch thundered into the clearing from the shadows of the forest.

The hair covered beast stood as tall as the altar and he smelt worse than the satchel of Seven Year Stink Weed. He growled and the sisters panicked; running and screaming in great wild circles. The fierce Big Foot spotted the virgin, bound and helpless, and he grabbed her with his two massive hands. The sisters noticed too late and they all screamed out curses when the tall woodland beast ate their virgin in two big sloppy bites.

They shook their fists and shrieked foul curses but the Big Foot burped contentedly and wiped the virgin blood from his face. He snatched the satchel of Seven Year Stink Weed then his humanoid face curled into a smile and he left the Rhoades sisters standing alone in the clearing with their useless altar.

Dejected, the three witch sisters Rhoades slunk back down the mountainside, through the dark forest, and back to their cottage. Old Barnburner was waiting for them, excited at the chance to meet a dark goddess, and when they walked through the gate so solemn he hobbled out to meet them.

“Well, where is T’natgha?” He asked his three evil daughters.

“A Sasquatch ate our virgin sacrifice!” They cried in unison.

“Father,” Mildred whined, “our magic did nothing to stop him!”

Old Barnburner shook his head, “No, dear, it wouldn’t. If the creature lives in these woods then he is a child of T’nagtha as well. He is immune to your magicks and spells but I bet he could be slaughtered with weapons of bone!”

Determined, the three witch sisters returned to the book of S’gnnth to see if a second chance was written in the stars and the Krakens and the guinea pigs, and as luck would have it, it was. The downside being that the three witch sisters would have to wait until they were sixty three. So they spent years rehearsing the ritual until it was second nature. Mildred skinned more yaks and made duplicates of the incantations. Matilda journeyed back to town to find a new virgin and the task proved much more difficult than before and she finally settled on a misshapen girl named Heidi LeFlour. Moses built a chariot of bone to transport the haggard Heidi safely to her execution and a series of bone weapons to thwart the Big Foot. Old Barnburner set up a tent in his garden of Seven Year Stink Weed and left only to follow guinea pigs.

On the morning of their second chance the sisters’ plan was well in motion. They gathered their yaks skins with the words scribbled in blood, they gathered the offerings for their dark goddess, and they snatched the malformed virgin Heidi LeFlour from the village. Old Barnburner gave them a satchel of his best Seven Year Stink Weed and then promptly fell asleep.

They tossed ugly Heidi in the chariot of bone and locked the door closed. The three witch sisters Rhoades strapped on their helmets made from the skulls of the rare elephant deer and each carried a long spear and small dagger made from bone too. They pulled the chariot up the mountain side singing old witching songs and cackling with glee. They arrived in the clearing where the altar loomed high above them now covered in moss and vines. They cleaned off the altar then began their pagan ritual. They chanted and danced. They whooped and hollered. When the time came time to fetch the ugly virgin Heidi from her protective bone chariot, the same reeking wicked Sasquatch burst from the bushes with a clatter.

The giant beast roared and growled but the sisters held their ground. They stabbed at the monster with their bone spears and fur and blood flew as they attacked back. The beast charged the three sisters with feral intensity; slapping them all to the edge of the clearing. They landed so hard their bone helmets shattered and their old bodies folded and crumbled. The Sasquatch howled in triumph before ripping the bone chariot to small pieces. The virgin Heidi screamed only once before the Big Foot tore her head from her body. He swallowed it whole and tossed her carcass over his broad shoulders for a snack for later. His lips curled up in a smile and he grunted mockingly at the three wounded witch sisters.

Fury bubbled over and the three sisters threw their spears as one. Mildred’s spear clipped his head and left a long bald streak. Matilda’s spear cleaved his left claw from his arm. The monster started fleeing through the bramble and the brush but Moses’ spear stuck hard in his tush. The beast gave a roar and disappeared leaving the three witch sisters Rhoades beaten and broken next to their altar in the clearing.

Depressed; the witches slunk all the way back down the mountain, through the woods, and to their cottage. Old Barnburner was dreaming of meeting a dark goddess but he woke from his slumber in his Seven Year Stink Weed garden when they slammed the gate behind them.

“Well, where is T’nagtha?” He yelled from his garden.

“The Sasquatch returned and ate our virgin sacrifice again!” They cried all at once.

“Father,” Mildred whined, “the weapons of bone hurt the damned beast but did not kill him!”

Old Barnburner lay back down and shouted over his shoulder, “Hmmmm…if the bone wasn’t lethal maybe weapons of man-made metal could do the trick!”

Furious, the three witch sisters returned to the book of S’gnnth to see if a third chance was written in the stars and the Krakens and the guinea pigs, and as luck would have it, it was. The downside being the three witch sister would have to wait until they where one hundred and forty two years old. So this time the three witch sisters Rhoades took their sweet time. They plotted and they planned. Mildred copied incantations on yak skins and memorized small defense spells in case of a third Sasquatch encounter. Matilda journeyed to the village to find a pure chaste woman but she found none and had no choice but to kidnap an infant girl. Moses spent weekends cruising the swap meets and building an arsenal. Old Barnburner died and was buried in his garden of beloved Seven Year Stink Weed. His guinea pig watching duties fell to Mildred.

On the morning of their third chance the sisters’ plan was well in motion. They gathered their yaks skins with the words scribbled in blood, they gathered the offerings for their dark goddess, and they snatched the virgin child (named Clyde, in honor of their father) from the cage in which the kept her. They picked Seven Year Stink Weed from their father’s grave and went to raise the dark goddess T’nagtha.

They tossed Clyde into the back of an old maroon dodge van and drove it up the mountain side. The three witch sisters Rhoades loaded up shot guns and nine millimeters with armor piercing bullets. As the van rumbled up the mountain they cranked up the radio and sang along to an old Dio CD and cackled gleefully. They arrived in the clearing where the altar loomed high above them now covered in moss and vines and graffiti. They cleaned off the altar then began their pagan ritual. They chanted and danced. They whooped and hollered. When it came time to fetch the virgin Clyde from the back of the old dodge van the same wicked Sasquatch thundered into the clearing reeking of Seven Year Stink Weed and primal hunger.

He recognized them and flew into one pissed woodland beast frenzy. They recognized him with his bald streak, stubbed arm, and quarter of a spear still stuck in his ass cheek. They opened fire with their semi-autos and the Big Foot tucked and rolled right at them. He grabbed Moses by her ankles and flung her at the altar where she hit so hard her fragile body exploded its soft innards. He punched Matilda in her face with his massive stump and she fell to the ground spitting out teeth and gagging on bile as she died. Mildred cocked a shot gun but before she could fire he grabbed the barrel and head butted her to the ground.

The Sasquatch ripped the van clean in half and reached for scared virgin Clyde. She was tough to grab with only one hand and she kicked and she screamed when he threw her over his shoulder.

All but dead from the mighty head butt Mildred raised the shotgun before the beast could take a bite. Her old black lips curled into a smile and she let loose both barrels; blasting both virgin and Sasquatch all over the altar. She howled in triumph and recited the words she had memorized for a century before the darkness swam up around her.

Above the altar made of stone and wood something began to shimmer like day break on water. The shape glistened and shone until it became more solid. Floating there above the altar appeared a very tall, very angry, and very hairy dark goddess T’nagtha. She surveyed the carnage around her and a smile crept across her hairy lip.


If you liked this story, you are sure to love more of Jonathan MoOn’s writing! Check out Mr. Moon’s Nightmares available in Print and on Kindle!!

Happy Reading,


Dark Nights Week and Giveaway! April 17, 2011

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Welcome to Dark Nights Week and giveaway here on Juniper Grove! If you are a fan of horror, fantasy or just love things that go bump in the night, then you won’t want to miss this week! Not only do I have an awesome line up of posts to share but in true Juniper Grove fashion, I have 7 giveaways for you to enter! There will be a total of 17 winners!!

To give you an idea of what you have to look forward too…check out the guests who will be taking part in Dark Nights Week!

* Author Jonathan MoOn

* Author Lori Titus

* Author Jesse Peterson

* Author Kody Boye

* Author Rye James

* Artist Jodi Cain

Now on to the awesome giveaways!


* Giveaway will run until 11:59 pm EST on April 23rd

* Winners will be selected using Random.org on April 24th and will be announced here on the blog and via email.

* Winners have 48 hours to email me back to claim their prize or a new winner will be selected

* Juniper Grove is not responsible for lost or damaged goods or that are shipped from 3rd parties

* All product descriptions are courtesy of Amazon

GIVEAWAY # 1 – International

5 lucky winners will each receive a digital copy of The Watcher by John Brinling!

Product Description:

The horror was starting again. That is the opening sentence in this novel, a supernatural thriller about vengeance, love, courage–and getting one more chance! The story deals with mindlinks, thought transference, reincarnation and mindless obedience to a father’s demonic will.

The heroine is a middle aged woman named Janet Stapleton, who lost the use of her legs in a mysterious car accident that killed her husband, Russ. For reasons she doesn’t understand, her astral body is being called upon to witness a series of brutal slayings, the murder of people she or her husband once knew. She befriends and falls in love with a Manhattan police lieutenant named Eric Siuda, who is investigating the slayings. Together they sort out what is happening and try, with Russ Stapleton’s beyond-the-grave help, to thwart the villain, a psychopath dying of AIDS, who seeks eternal life through reincarnation in his imbecilic son’s body.

The conclusion pits Janet and Eric against this villain in an unearthly showdown to the death.

GIVEAWAY # 2 – International

5 lucky winners will each receive a digital copy of A Whale of A Myth: A Short Story by John Brinling!

Product Description:

When Noah visited Atlantis, his encounter with Pinkie was a disaster. When he told Neptune, there was only anger and recrimination. When Pinkie tried to make amends, Aphrodite got involved. However, it was up to Sedna, goddess of the seas, to remedy the situation.

GIVEAWAY # 3 – International

1 lucky winner will receive a digital copy of The Diary of Dakota Hammell by Kody Boye!

Product Description:

Dakota Hammell was an ordinary teenager until he ran away from home at the age of sixteen, but after being brutally beaten, raped and left for dead, there seems to be little hope in his life—that is, until a man claiming to be a psychologist walks into the alleyway he’s lying near-dead in and offers him a second chance at life. John tells Dakota he can stay with him as long as he wants, but there’s a catch: For each day he stays, he has to write a journal entry about his life, his problems, and his potential future. With little choice, Dakota agrees, but is wary of the situation, as past experience with strangers has shown to have negative effects. But when things with John begin to work out and life becomes nothing out of the ordinary, his heart finally begins to open and his journey can finally be told.

A story of hope, of healing, and ultimately, of friendship, The Diary of Dakota Hammell offers a brief glimpse into a life of fractured teenager who has lost everything but his ability to write.

GIVEAWAY # 4 – US/Can Only

1 lucky winner will receive a print copy of Married with Zombies and a print copy of Flip This Zombie by Jesse Petersen!

Product Description: Married with Zombies:

A heartwarming tale of terror in the middle of the zombie apocalypse.

Meet Sarah and David.

Once upon a time they met and fell in love. But now they’re on the verge of divorce and going to couples’ counseling. On a routine trip to their counselor, they notice a few odd things – the lack of cars on the highway, the missing security guard, and the fact that their counselor, Dr. Kelly, is ripping out her previous client’s throat.

Meet the Zombies.

Now, Sarah and David are fighting for survival in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. But, just because there are zombies, doesn’t mean your other problems go away. If the zombies don’t eat their brains, they might just kill each other.

Product Description: Flip this Zombie:

The Zombie Apocalypse has been good to Sarah and David. Their marriage is better than ever. They communicate well, share responsibilities, and now, they’re starting a business. ZombieBusters-for all your zombie extermination needs.

There are lots of zombies and that means lots of customers…Except one of them doesn’t want the zombies dead, he wants them alive and ready for experimentation. Mad scientists make for difficult clients and this time, Sarah and David might have bitten off more than they can chew.

GIVEAWAY # 5 – International

3 lucky winners will each receive a digital copy of A Soul Worth Taking by Rye James!

Product Description:

Hell wants him.

Heaven wants to save him.

What would you do when those you love most are ripped away?

After tragedy strikes Mike Moore, he is visited by two mysterious strangers. One sees an opportunity to take advantage of him while he’s in his darkest moments and takes him to the lowest depths of his soul, tempting his desires to take revenge for what he has lost. The other tries to help him rise above the darkness, giving him the support he needs to fight against the evil that has come for him. What transpires is a personal struggle between good and evil.

GIVEAWAY # 6 – US/Can Only

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