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Book Review: Hope’s Shadow December 8, 2011

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Esme takes it upon herself to put an end to the Purge and stop the Evening Star. But when fate puts her in the path of the Evening Star, she is forced to question the truth about the supposedly evil nature of the stars. This act may lead to her death at the hands of the Purge – or at the hands of the ones she loves.

Hope’s Shadow is set in a fascinatingly dark world, where an endless Inquisition rules with a bloody fist. The shadows that permeate this world suffocates hope in darkness, as heroes of yore return as villains of today and the weak struggle to find a way back to the light.

My Review:

Hope’s Shadow by Amberlynn O’Shea describes a dark world where people are clinging to any shreds of hope. When Esme woke up in a cemetery ten years ago without the slightest memory of her past, she is left wondering who she really is. As she travels to discover who she is, she must tread lightly as the Purge is raging everywhere. Anyone who shows a different belief or that stands out from the crowd are charged with sorcery – often being tortured and burned at the stake.

I will admit that the first part of the book was hard for me to get into. There are so many details that are being brought to light and it left me slightly confused as to where the storyline was headed. But I did feel like I was there with the main character, Esme, as she was often left confused and wondering what is going on and where things were headed. Once the plot began to unfold, I did find myself emerged in the story and the characters.

I did enjoy the setting and world that Ms. O’Shea has created. Even though the murder, betrayal and bloodshed cast an eerie feeling to the world, there is that light at the end of the road. The light that everyone clings to with dear life, hoping that they will be saved from the darkness. The reader is reminded that no matter how small, there is always hope and that you must stand up for your beliefs and doing what is right, even if it means sacrificing what means the most.

If you enjoy reading stories that tell about Love, Hope, Sun, Moon and Stars and that have beautiful book covers..then pick up a copy of Hope’s Shadows.

My Rating:

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