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Book Review: Of Good and Evil November 18, 2011

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Ron Sheffield, a gifted but tormented Green Beret, plagued by suicidal guilt because of his “special” abilities, is discharged from the army for going “crazy.” Immediately, he is brutally beaten and shot by the Mafia, and is hospitalized near death. His life is dramatically saved by Amber Ash, who also possesses “special” abilities; and from there the two are propelled against mobsters, terrorists, and a government cell out to kill them over Iraqi documents Ron possesses from his army service. Ron becomes a Mafia hit man, targeting fallen mobsters. This brings Ron and Amber into contact with the powerful and humane gifted secret society, Eros; this contact eventually actualizing Ron’s mental gifts to a point beyond his imagination. Ron is confronted with the imminent nuclear obliteration of a major American city by a suicidal terrorist cell that only he can stop. But will he be able to do it in time? Of Good and Evil is a spiritual fight against tyranny.

My Review:

Of Good and Evil by Gerald G. Griffin is an action-packed ride from start to finish! We are introduced to the main character, Ron Sheffield, in the heat of battle and quickly realize there is more to Ron than meets the eye. After returning home from war, Ron is discharged for having a nervous breakdown but he knows that other forces are working against him. Taking matters into his own hands, Ron makes it his new mission to search for clues and honor his fallen comrades, while trying to preserve his sanity by focusing on the present.

Amber Ash has always felt alone. Knowing that her special abilities make her different, she is focused on keeping her distance from everyone and using her body as a means of escape. That is until the night she met Ron Sheffield on his way to a poker game. Instantly feeling the pull of his gifts, she knows that she must learn more about the stranger that is similar in abilities.

Of Good and Evil has a little bit of everything which I believe makes for a good read for just about everyone. Action, romance, paranormal aspects, honor, politics, hit men, terrorists, secret societies, organized crime, treason…the list continues. It has so much going on that at times it was a little overwhelming for me. The main reason for me was the political aspects because I personally do not have an avid interest in such matters. But even with the politics and everything rushing by, I kept turning the pages wanting to know what happened next. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I do hope to see more of the paranormal aspect explained in the sequel, A Time of Reckoning.

My Rating:

Happy Reading,



1. Laurie Jenkins (@lauriej170) - November 18, 2011

Loved your review. I have got to add this book to my teetering TBR. I know wouls love it with all the action….like you political games would probably be my least favorite aspect…LOL…
Thanks so much for sharing!!

Jaidis - November 18, 2011

Hey Laurie! It really is a great, action-packed read. I think having the political aspect will appeal to people who enjoy politics or the corruption that is within the system. The paranormal and romance aspects help balance it out :) If you do get around to reading it, let me know what you think :)

2. Gerald Griffin - November 18, 2011

Laurie, Jaidis, thanks you for your strong and positive comments, but I think any emphasis on subsidiary political aspects, giving the slightest impression that this is a political book, would be totally misleading.

Politics is not the driving force of the story. By far, other dominating aspects are, i.e., nobility, action, romance, the power of love, paranormal
intrigue, the search for identity, to mention a few.

Jaidis - November 18, 2011

I agree with you Gerald. Politics is not the driving force and there is so much more to the story! Everyone needs to read Of Good and Evil so they can see for themselves the many dimensions. I can’t wait to see what happens in the sequel.

Keep up the great work!

3. katsrus - November 18, 2011

Thanks for your review. This book does sound good.
Sue B

4. Gerald Griffin - November 18, 2011

Thanks, Jaidis, for reinforcing this!

I assure you, the sequel won’t be a let down, as some sequels are.

And thanks, too, for your encouragement for me to “Keep up the great work!”

The support of your readers will enable me to do so!

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