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Nurture GALA Book Tour – GG Vandagriff + Giveaway October 31, 2011

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I’d like to welcome author G.G. Vandagriff to Juniper Grove today! G.G. has graciously allowed me to interview her as part of her 4-Book Nurture Virtual Gala Book Tour. Check out her interview below:

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

When I won a short story contest in 4th grade for “The Ballerina that couldn’t dance.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Do crafts or fight with light sabers with my grandchildren, travel, make scrapbooks for my three children and my oldest grandchild, read, walk up the canyon to the waterfalls, go to lunch with friends, watch my favorite shows on TV, research for future books, sleep.

What does your family think of your writing?

My oldest son thinks “it’s intense”, my daughter is hard to read—she doesn’t give out compliments, so I don’t know if she likes it, tolerates it, or hates it.  My youngest son  has never read it, and my husband loves my mysteries, loves my Crazy Ladies (The Only Way to Paradise), and especially loves The Last Waltz which he did a fabulous website for (http://last-waltz.com). He says that is his favorite book.

How many books have you written so far?


How did you celebrate the sale of your first book?

It was so long ago (1993), the only thing I remember was that I used it as an excuse to buy a fuschia colored blazer to wear for TV interviews (which I did).

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a published author?

The thing that really helped me break through was doing writing exercises.  I pick a trigger and write for 20 minutes without stopping.  A friend and I did this together.  We learned a lot from each other.  One of my writing exercises turned into the first page of my first novel.  Writing exercises are like doing scales for violinists.  They develop your right brain: your imagination, your contact with your subconscious, your deepest thoughts about the universe.  If you do them long enough and frequently enough (everyday) you will experience a breakthrough in your confidence and develop your own distinctive voice, and your writing will cease to be superficial.  You will be able to go deeply into each characters arc—but creating arcs is the next step..

What genre do you find the most difficult to write in and why?

Women’s fiction is by far the most challenging, because instead of relying on a plot to tell you where to  go, you have to “let your characters loose” and go as deeply into their natures and explore every nuance of their relationships.  Then a theme will emerge. I have only written two women’s fiction: Pieces of Paris and The Only Way to Paradise.  I really enjoy the challenge, but they both took a very long time to write as I stretche myself.

What is the last book you read?

Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin.  I admire her tremendously.

Do you have any writing projects you are currently working on?

I have some fun things planned after the workout that The Only Way to Paradise  has given me.  I’m 80 pages into a historical romance, I have the next mystery in my series plotted and researched, I am trying to decide about a really off-the-wall sequel to Paradise, and have been requested by so many readers  to write sequels to The Last Waltz, that I am just waiting for the money I need to research in France and Poland.  We’re hoping to go next year.

What does the word success mean to you?

For me success is changing hearts.  Every one of my books, except Arthurian Omen, is aimed at this.  I think the only way that we will have peace in this world is if we change our hearts so that we have what Plato called agape.  There are many definitions of the word, but it basically means offering the people in you life a nurturing, selfless love.

What is the best advice anyone has ever given to you?

Two things:

1. Do writing exercises

2.) When you are far enough along in your book that you have arrived at your theme and you know your characters well enough that you have a beginning place and an end place for each one, use index cards to construct their arc, scene by scene taking them from the beginning to the end.  Use different color cards for each character.  Then construct your chapters placing each scene chronologically using all the cards for each character.  It is tremendous fun!

Thank you G.G. for that amazing interview!

Cankered Roots by G.G. Vandagriff


Alexandra Campbell, a spunky young widow, partnered with Brighamina Poulson, an even spunkier, rifle-toting grandmother thinks that as they have begun a genealogy business (RootSearch, Inc.), it is high time she finds out her family secret. Something went wrong in her family during her adolescence, changing her mother from a Chicago North Shore matron into an alcoholic and a doting father into a workaholic. The moment she graduated from High School, she was sent to the Sorbonne in Paris with a generous bank account and instructions not to return.

It is now fifteen years since she has seen her parents, and she intends to lay the ghost that has separated her family for good. However, as usual in Alex’s unpredictable life, things do not go as planned. After an acrimonious fight with her once beloved father, she leaves with only a wallet-sized photograph of a woman she knows nothing about.

That night, Alex’s father is killed. Bewildered and grieved that her family can never be whole again, she soon finds out that she is the chief suspect in the murder. With the unflappable Briggie at her side, she uses all her new genealogical skills, and (with the help of Briggie’s deer rifle) discovers a secret so bizarre that she finally understands why her parents wanted her far away and safe.

Join Alex and Briggie in the first of their hair-raising adventures!

Be sure to check back here on November 24th to read my review of Cankered Roots!

You can find a complete list of tour stops HERE but here are the next few in line:

Giveaway Time!

One lucky reader will win a print copy of Cankered Roots by GG Vandagriff!! Giveaway will end at 11:59PM EST on November 30th, 2011 and is available to the US, UK and Canada Only. Winner will be selected via random.org and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be selected. To enter, fill out the form below:

Find & Follow GG Vandagriff:

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Happy Reading,


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