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Book Review: This Bird Flew Away September 26, 2011

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What is real love? The whole world wants to know. They should ask Bria Jean, because she has it all figured out. Opinionated, stubborn and full of woe, Bria would tell you real love is having one person you can always count on through thick and thin. For her, that’s Jack. And it doesn’t matter to her that she’s nine and he’s twenty-three-not one bit. When, at the age of twelve, Bria disappears, he and his Aunt Mary search for her, and when she surfaces, injured, abused and traumatized, Jack fights to become her guardian with no idea of the trials ahead of him. By then, Bria is thirteen going on thirty, full of her own ideas on how her life should run and with some very fixed notions about who is in charge.

My Review:

This Bird Flew Away by Lynda M. Martin is a book that describes the cold, harsh realities that takes place in the world today. Of course we would all like the world to be bright and sunny, ignoring the darkness that looms right around the corner, but there is always bad mingled with the good. Nine-Year-Old Bria Jean has not had the easiest life, nor the childhood that she deserved. Bria’s childhood is slowly stripped away each time that she endures abuse from her step-father. After the stepfather’s passing, Bria is shipped off to various relatives house where she once again finds herself under the hands of abuse.

At the age of twelve, Bria has to make the painful decision of how she can get away from an abusive aunt. Deciding to run away and find Jack for help, Bria flees into the unknown world ahead of her. The dark realities appear and Bria finds herself being sold to two strange men who do the unthinkable to her. Broken and confused, Bria escapes and is found by police. The road ahead of Bria is long and confusing and Bria has a darker outlook about life than normal teenagers should have.

After Bria’s terrible experience, Jack comes to her rescue and takes Bria under his wing and fights to become her guardian. Stuck between being a teenager and a young woman, Bria faces a mixed bag of emotions as she has always had a special connection with Jack. Jack has always been the man in her life, to protect her and

Ms. Martin has done a well job in creating a story that explains the harsh realities of life yet allows the hope of the future shine through. Bria is strong and courageous and serves to help other young girls who read her story know that bad things happen but that they can be overcome.

Some may find some of the descriptions a little hard to read, especially if you are a parent such as myself to a young daughter or if you have a personal reason to read such a story. Personally though I think this story is just a reminder that in the darkest of times, there is a lighted path that will lead you to a brighter future.

My Rating:

Happy Reading,



1. Lynda Martin - September 26, 2011

Thank you for this review. Yes, these “cold, harsh realities take place in the world today,” but we must remember such things have always happened. In times past, they were not spoken of as they are today. I am always a little puzzled when people say they don’t want to know. Considering the widespread nature of such acts, it’s seems such a denial of reality.

I suppose I’ve become inured to that sense of horror and rather matter of fact about the problem. Certainly, though reviews seem to dwell on the crimes depicted in the book, the actual story is one of healing, the role of love in recovery and the strength that dwells in all of us.

Life’s work has taught me to be careful in how I describe survivors and their journeys. I’ve learned such things are unfortunate, not a tragedy; survivors are wounded but their lives are not ruined; innocence can not be stolen and scars can heal until they are almost invisible.

Thanks again. I will return to answer any comments or questions left for me. Lynda M Martin

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