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Featured Author – James D. Sanderson August 19, 2011

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Today I’d like to welcome author James D. Sanderson to Juniper Grove! James is here today to promote his novella, The Angelic Mysteries.

Check out his letter below:


Greetings fellow book lovers,

It seems that with the advent of eBook publishing and internet promotion we have entered a new phase in writing and reading.  Anything can be published by anyone at any time for any reason.  This can have both positive and negative consequences.  Some authors can be ‘discovered’ that might not have been in the traditional publishing world.  Their voices can be heard for the first time.  That’s the good news.  On the other hand, the voices of greatness can be drowned out in the crowd.  Great literature can be labeled as ‘boring’ or ‘slow moving’ and the most mundane of works can become popular bestsellers.  It is Caveat Lector – Let the Reader Beware.  Latin, of course.  When it was used in ancient times it meant that there may be something wrong with the text itself.  Words might be misused or sentence structure amiss in some way.  But today we might use it to warn a whole generation of readers.  The same populism that drives literature can also drive literature into the ground.

In some ways I have made a mistake by promoting my novella ‘The Angelic Mysteries’ as a thriller or a love story/romance or even as a mystery.  The word mystery here is used to mean the ‘mysteries’ of the ancients – the mysteries of the spiritual realm.  It is a thriller and a love story, but of a different stripe.  So when readers come upon this work they have an expectation quite different from the real intent of the story.

While the idea of a man meeting a woman who believes she is an angel, and that she is being pursued throughout Europe by an anti-angel is a titillating one on the surface; there is an underlying current of a man teetering on the brink of insanity and his need to discover and fall in love with the spiritual side of his being.  If he is going to survive in life, he is going to have to ‘get it’ about how things really work.  With such an undercurrent imbedded deep in the story, it is small wonder that readers have trouble ‘getting it’ about ‘The Angelic Mysteries’ unless they have the key.  The key for such a story, unfortunately, only comes by reading other stories with deeply imbedded undercurrents.  Classics, in short.

When Gregor Samsa awoke from a night of unsettled dreams to find himself transformed into a vermin, the reader is not supplied with a whole backstory about how Mr. Samsa happened to be so transformed.  Franz Kafka does not choose to explain himself to his reader.  He does not explain why such a thing might have happened to Mr. Samsa.  He does not explain that the alienation of modern life can so harm a man that he might actually be turned into a giant cockroach.  Nor does Fyodor Dostoevsky spend a lot of time preparing the reader for the fact that has wanted to become an insect (again the use of a bug), in ‘Notes From Underground’.  There are many other examples as well but my point is, the author didn’t feel it his/her duty to explain what was going on.  She/He simply wrote it.  That is what is happening in ‘The Angelic Mysteries’.  There are short sentences and chapter breaks for a reason.  The reader is not allowed to simply breeze through the work as if it was intended to offer thrills and romance.  Rather, each chapter is a facet of the entire gem – one face upon which can gleam the whole.  Like a diamond, we might say.

By providing the key, here, I hope that the experience of reading this novella will be deepened and enriched.  But I also challenge the reader to look for more in literature than is offered in most fiction today.  Look for more than superficial characterization and thrilling plot twists.  Look for that underlying current that provides depth and insight into the human condition.  In that, great literature will survive into the future.



Get your copy of THE ANGELIC MYSTERIES: A Novella on Kindle!!


Believing he is leaving the specter of madness behind him, Daniel Allman flees to Europe where he meets Sarah, a woman who believes herself to be an angel. To make matters worse, she is being pursued by a psychopath she believes is an anti-angel sent to capture or kill her. As they travel together Allman tries to resist her beauty and charm. Will he fall in love with her despite his misgivings? Will they be overtaken and killed by the evil angel on their tail? Is any of this even true or has he completely lost his mind? Such are the problems confronting the characters in ‘The Angelic Mysteries’. A thriller. A love story. A literary adventure.

About the Book:

Title: The Angelic Mysteries

Author: James D. Sanderson

Publication Date: August 18th 2011

REVIEWS AND TESTIMONIALS: (Early reader reviews were added at Writer’s Café.)

Desert Guy called it “…intriguing” and said, “…I am interested to see what happens next,” and “…your style moves the narrative along neatly,” and “…I am very caught up in the mystery and suspense of your story,” and finally he called The Angelic Mysteries, “Great writing…”

Sage Music said, “Great dialog.  Snappy.  Feeling.  Love it! … very cool.”  She also said, “I like the intrigue… the story line has me hooked!”  Then, later, “…one is left to wonder just what in the heck is ‘The Angelic Mysteries’ so there is no choice but to read the next chapter!”  And, “Awesome!  The flow of the conversation… is on target and kept me glued.”  “I kept expecting Toombs (the anti-angel) to break down the door at any moment.’  And finally, “Beautiful…”  “I am truly enjoying this.  Great read!”
Snaopadelic said, “…intriguing and I also like the short sentences.”  And, “The dialogue is very natural.”

Dusty said, “You have great description up front before you have dialogue – but as soon as you introduce Sarah I was hooked and read non-stop.”  “Your insight had me thinking and that is a good thing.”

Places you can find and follow James:



Do you have questions for James about his writing or The Angelic Mysteries? James will be around periodically today to answer your questions so be sure to leave a comment for him.

Happy Reading,



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