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Book Review: Thaloc Has a Body July 30, 2011

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Paranormal Investigator, Brodie Wade, returns from a very basic case in Oklahoma, where The Truth tells him of his own demise within the week. Brodie returns to his apartment, determined to solve the riddle of his death when Homicide Detective Phil Dawson calls to ask for his help in solving three strange murders at the Granspire Museum.

When they meet with one of the accused, The Truth tells Brodie of the existence of a creature named Thaloc, and warns that Phil’s life is at risk.

Can Brodie solve the riddle and save his friend before his own clock runs out?

My Review:

Thaloc Has a Body by Jerry Hanel is the sequel to Mr. Hanel’s first book, Death Has a Name. In book one, we were introduced to Brodie Wade and learned about his ability to see The Truth. Since childhood, The Truth has always been presenting itself to Brodie, giving him clues to help solve cases that aren’t easily explained by evidence and science. In Thaloc Has a Body, Brodie is investigating another case that has police officers stumped at the evidence.

In the most recent of murder cases, the killer is clearly caught on camera killing the victim. What should be an open and shut case, quickly turns upside-down when the killer’s identity leads police to a man who died six weeks prior of heart failure. So now Brodie is given the daunting task of explaining how a man who died several weeks ago can be walking around killing people.

Thaloc is a supernatural being that walks the line between good and bad. Both sides view him as a bad omen and having contact with him means almost certain death. Through a small altercation, Thaloc is freed to walk the earth as anyone he chooses. Brodie must learn to trust The Truth and have confidence in himself, to help stop Thaloc.

Mr. Hanel weaves an intriguing tale that will keep you flipping until the last page. I strongly recommend that you pick up book one, Death Has a Name, and journey with Brodie through the end of book two, Thaloc Has a Body.

Happy Reading,



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