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Book Tour – The House on Blackstone Moor + Giveaway! July 17, 2011

Posted by Jaidis in Books, Giveaways, Nurture Your Books.

Today I am happy to welcome author Carole Gill back to Juniper Grove! For those of you who follow this blog closely, you may remember when Carole stopped by and allowed me to interview her about her writing habits and her book, The House on Blackstone Moor. If you didn’t get the chance to read her interview, you can check it out HERE

Carole is here today to tell us about the premise behind The House on Blackstone Moor and give us a closer look at one of the main male characters, Louis Darton. Check it out:

The House on Blackstone Moor was a work of love for me. I wanted to produce a story that went deeply into the nature and existence of demonic beings.

I found I had a premise to the whole thing and that was if a creature was damned through no fault of his own and there was nothing he could do to rectify that situation, how would that affect him?

If nothing he did counted one way or the other how could he cope, bearing in mind he could not die?

As the son of a fallen angel Louis Darton asks: “imagine if you will unending existence, with no possibility of death—living even though you grow tired and disillusioned—going on forever with no hope of redemption and all this because your father sinned! His sin, your fate. And so you endure for you have no choice. There is no way out! I have no code to guide me, no promise of heaven awaits, nothing I do matters…There are no consequences, no rewards only ceaseless existence…”

Poor Louis!

So what does this despondent creature do? He fills his world with sin.

Yet! In the midst of this damnable world of his comes a girl, an innocent—a damaged girl and this being, this sad, self-hating creature gazes at the one pure creature in his tainted world.

But then he notices she seems taken with him! It is like a thousand miracles, it is almost as if they both might pretend!

But it is not that simple. For there is one undeniable fact for whatever happens, it is fate that has the final say of that there can be no question.

In closing let me say that I am greatly interested in the battle of good vs. evil. I think it is the central point to all that has been or will be and because it is I wanted to depict that struggle even amongst demonic creatures.

That in essence is why and how I came to write the novel and that is how I am going on to write the sequel/prequel, Unholy Testament.

And there again, it is the evil fallen angel spawn Eco who has written a confession, an accounting of all the sin he has committed during the course of his existence. It is a journal which he presents to the one he claims to love.

Stay tuned!

Thank You Carole! As a special treat, Carole has brought along with her a special entry from the diary of Louis Darton. What went through Louis’s mind when he first saw Rose? Well let us have a look:

Truly I am ashamed myself. Yes, I am. For now you will hear from Louis Darton, your humble servant who has much to tell you: a being who has only known damnation as others know life and hope. For what is life without the promise of heaven? Not my lot to be sure.

But first there is Rose.

The first time my eyes beheld her, I felt more cursed than I had ever felt. I who had come to overlook sin—did now gaze upon a pure young girl—an innocent—so aptly named, Rose who was standing at the mouth of hell yet did not know it. Truly it hurt to look at her, yet look I did.

How I would have traded immortality for the confessional at that moment. How I longed to unburden myself, confessing to God even–to beg for forgiveness!

“Please! Do not punish me for the sins of my father!”

An impossible wish, yet I did wish it.

This girl, so damaged, so fragile would dwell among demons! I could not let it happen surely.

I had to speak up, I had to stop her from making the worst mistake of her life but I could not.

Instead I said nothing, and tried to quiet the happiness I felt just from looking at her, just from hearing her voice.

Would my loving her lead to her destruction?

My Rose, please find it within your heart to forgive me!

I can’t help but feel for Louis! How hard it must have been to catch a glimpse of his own salvation within Rose while knowing that he would only lead to her demise. Thank you Carole for sharing that with us!

The House on Blackstone Moor Nurture Book Tour has been extended due to popular demand! Be sure to check out the upcoming stops, as well as previous stops, to learn more about this fascinating book. The complete list of tour stops can be found HERE, but here is the next one in line:

You can find Carole at the following places:

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Facebook Page

You can pick up your own copy of The House on Blackstone Moor here:

DriveThru Horror
Barnes & Noble NOOKBook

GIVEAWAY: I have One (1) Print copy of The House on Blackstone Moor by Carole Gill to giveaway to one of my readers! Giveaway is open to US, UK and Canada Only. This giveaway will end at 11:59pm EST on July 25th, 2011

To enter, fill out the form below:

Happy Reading,

~ Jaidis


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2. Darlene - July 17, 2011

Thanks for the giveaway! It sounds great!!

3. Carole Gill - July 18, 2011

Wow hi ladies! thanks Jaidis for hosting today’s top!
Hi Darlene it really was a complete work of love and so is the sequel!

again, many thanks!


4. Blaze McRob - July 18, 2011

Another great stop on your tour, Carole. I never get tired of hearing about your wonderful stories and the stories within the stories and the stories to come. You are the best!


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