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Book Review: Finding Hope July 3, 2011

Posted by Jaidis in 5 Tree Reviews, Book Reviews, Hazel O'Shea Reviews.

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This is a novelette about finding oneself, finding love and finding hope. If Steve knew anything, he knew that he was fine the way he was. He was a hard-as-steel tough guy. He was a detective that lived alone and was, if not exactly happy, satisfied with the way things were. One night changed all of that. When asked to investigate the kidnapping of his ex-partners daughter, Steve finds more than the evidence of the brutal crimes committed in the old dilapidated house of a serial killer. He finds that he is not the person he thought he was. That night begins a chain of events that makes him question everything he ever thought he knew about himself.

My Review:

Finding Hope by D.L. Marriott is a beautifully composed novelette, filled with more depth and storyline than some books three times the length! This story is drenched in emotion, showing the ever lasting bond that is created in the aftermath of tragedy and the love that prevails. Ms. Marriott pulls you into this book as soon as you start reading, writing as if the character himself is personally telling you this tale, insuring a close connection and shared experience.

The story is written from the main character’s point of view. Steve, a tough-as-nails and hard-hearted man who has spent many of his adult years as a police officer. He never minded being a loner, he was used to it. Being raised by emotionally deficient parents will do that to a person. Yet in Al he not only had a partner, but a close friend, a brother. Al’s family was just as important to Steve as they were to Al. He loved them and would always be there for them, no matter the distance or years gone by that kept them apart.

When the accident happened, it was a total shock. Al and Sandi weren’t supposed to die, not now, not when their Hope was so young. Even after the years that had passed, Hope still remembered her “Uncle” Steve and the bond the two of them had shared from the very beginning. He wasn’t going to let her fade out of his life again, keeping close contact with both her and her God parents. He would be there for Hope, during her brightest moments and darkest days. With that, their bond strengthened and their love grew. It wasn’t how Steve ever imagined it to be, but it was real and it gave him Hope.

This story was raw, unconventional and extremely genuine. I highly recommend D.L. Marriott’s Finding Hope!

My Rating:

Happy Reading,

~Hazel O’Shea



1. Julie Westphal - July 5, 2011

I absolutely agree with this review! Finding Hope is a page-turner that I just could not put down until totally finished! Two thumbs up for D.L. Marriott!

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