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Book Tour with Giveaway – With All My Might by Gabriella van Rij June 21, 2011

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Gabriella van Rij has developed a unique experience in the field of communication during the last two decades with a huge capacity to adjust to different cultures while moving through many countries and many different communities.

She speaks fluently 3 languages (English, Dutch and French) and has worked with large multinationals as well as Small Businesses. She knows better than anyone the secrets of negotiations between individuals and groups.

She is a born leader able to develop real team spirit, but she is also committed to volunteer work to give her best to people in need.

She looks happy, she is happy and she can make you happier in your life by providing the ultimate gift.

The will to achieve and the joy to do it!

With All My Might

One Woman’s Cross-Cultural Journey by Gabriella van Rij

Born Muslim, raised Catholic…
From an orphanage to diplomatic family…
From humble meals to three course dinners with silver cutlery…
Born in Pakistan, raised in Europe…

Every day having to defend myself at the school yard: “Is that blond, tall, gorgeous-looking woman picking you up really your mother?”

All of us have been spoon-fed or pressured into conforming by the people closest to us. Out of the conformity, our adversities are often born. You can overcome both, become free of constraints, and become proud of your own diversity.

This book talks about conformity, adversity and diversity.

Stay true to who you are!

Be YOU and PLEASE don’t apologize for being you!

With All My Might (WAMM): One Woman’s Cross-Cultural Journey
Author: Gabriella van Rij
Genre: Non-Fiction – Autobiography
Published by: We Open Doors Inc. (November 5th, 2010)
Age Recommendation: 18+ years of age – mature themes
Format(s): eBook, perfect paperback, audio book
ISBN 13: 978-0-9866533-0-8
Number of pages: approx. 220

I want to take a moment to share some of the thoughts about With All My Might that I didn’t share in my book review. There are so many issues in this autobiography that I think people can relate too, especially that I can relate to personally. I think we have all went through a time where we were outcasts, where we just didn’t fit in no matter how hard we tried. I know for me personally, I struggled with this issue several times as I was uprooted and moved around a lot as a child. I was automatically the new kid and nobody could see past that label to who I really was. Now I haven’t traveled the distance that Gabriella has, but I have experienced being born on one side of the United States and being moved to the other and living in the North and moving to the South. It’s a completely different experience and one that has shaped the person I am today, for better or worse.

Children can sometimes be mean growing up, especially during the teen years. The pressure to conform to others expectations is intense and I think we all have experience with this. The harder I tried to fit in, the less it seemed like I did. Even though I perfected my skills of being a Chameleon and blending in, I was never truly happy. Whether people were bullying me because I talked to fast and proper, because my accent made me stand out, or because I was always day dreaming, I always felt like an outsider. I still remember vividly the day that I was told “to go kill myself because everyone would be better off” and I’m sure that phrase will continue to both haunt and inspire me for the rest of my days. This is the reason I turned to writing; as a way to escape the reality and bullying, if only for a short while.

For years I kept my writing locked away because to me it was just a therapy session, a way to create a world that operated how I thought it should and where I always fit in, but I never allowed anyone else into my world. I wasn’t confident enough to do so. Then several months back I had a revelation. It suddenly didn’t matter what people thought of me or my writing, I accepted myself, just as Gabriella is encouraging others to do. So I took the plunge and sent off a short story for publication. You can imagine my complete surprise the moment I read the acceptance letter in my inbox. What a feeling! To take such a large, uncertain step and be rewarded with acceptance :)

You can read my review of With All My Might Here

You can find the complete list of book tour stops Here. Be sure to visit each blog to learn more about the remarkable Gabriella van Rij! As you may have noticed, my post went up a little early, along with other hosts on this tour. This is because there is such a large, diverse audience for this book and we wanted to make sure that everyone, no matter your time zone, had the chance to get to know this amazing autobiography.

Places you can find Gabriella:







Gabriella has generously offered up one (1) Signed Print copy of With All My Might to one of my readers! Giveaway is open Globally and will end at 11:59 PM EST on June 24th, 2011. You do not have to be a follower to enter, but it is greatly appreciated :)

This giveaway has ENDED. Congrats to the winner!

I strongly recommend that you all read With All My Might. It is a truly remarkable story and I thank Gabriella van Rij for sharing her journey with us!

To purchase your copy of With All My Might, visit Gabriella’s Website

Happy Reading,




1. Sara Youngblood Hampton - June 21, 2011

From your review, Jaidis, I feel I can relate to Ms. Van Rij and you both! I was attacked in the face by a dog when I was seven and it scarred me up some; my lips are full and pouty with scar tissue and with several scars on my nose and chin. I was a teen during the 80s so you can imagine that I didn’t fit other kids’ or adults’ idea of beauty. I was often called “Frankenstein” and “Hippo lips.” I retreated into my beloved books and pets.

Thankfully I came to my senses and stood up for myself my senior year of high school. And you know what happened? I wasn’t teased any more and I actually became friends with the rest of my senior classmates! I had decided that I was fine the way I was, told the rest of them to “go jump in a lake” (my exact words) and ended up having a wonderful year!

I’m still very comfortable in my own skin and it breaks my heart to see that my mom, a couple of my friends and even the 9 year old neighbor girl I’m friends with, haven’t reached that conclusion about themselves. I do my best to be supportive and try to help them to come to that realization. If nothing else, I’m here to listen and be a shoulder for them to lean on when life becomes tough on them. My hope is that one day they will realize they have been beautiful all along and can stay true to themselves, not someone else’s idea of what their beauty should be.

Jaidis - June 21, 2011

Thank you for sharing your story with us Sara! You are truly remarkable and I’m glad that you are able to feel at one with yourself. Hopefully your friends and family can learn by your example! :)

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