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Book Review: The Advice Girl June 15, 2011

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“Kira has been best friends with Sophia since Kindergarten. When her friend is presumed dead, Kira goes into a downward spiral of depression until she finds a hidden note.

Sophia knows there is something different about her. When a man she met on the internet comes to the house and saves her from an assassin, she knows he is her destiny.

Ethan is aware that he should not fall for Sophia, but he cannot help himself. She brings forth feelings of completion and love whenever she is around him.

After the attempt on her life, Sophia finds out that some vile members of a secret cult, who go by the name Vindicated Saints, are trying to stop her from learning about her powers. Ethan is a member of the Guild of Aurora and it is his job to protect her at any cost and help her get the training she needs so her powers can be fully hers. Will Sophia be able to come into her powers before it is too late?”

– Coffee Time Romance

My Review:

The Advice Girl is the first book written by author L.A. Shaw. Ms. Shaw weaves a tale of secret societies and supernatural powers, entwined in a centuries old battle to set things right and bring about peace to this tired and weary world. The Guild is an organization set out to find carriers of “The Light”, the pure and loving energy that each one of our souls possess, in hopes of fusing together our world with one that was ripped from us ages ago. In doing so, they will create a realm free of pain and suffering. The Vindicated Saints will never allow that to happen, for their existence is based on greed, fear, and above all, power. They have, and will, continue to hunt down the Guild’s prospective “talents”.

Sophia has always known she was different. Hell, her whole family seemed as if they came fresh out of the twilight zone, but Sophia made sure no one was aware of this. She was able to hide all of her pain away and instead, helped others with their struggles offering up a shoulder to cry on and wise advice to help them through their situations. The only one who came close to knowing the real Sophia was her roommate and life-long best friend Kira. The two were kindred spirits and at 25, had their whole lives ahead of them. Until the unthinkable happened and Sophia died. Kira was left lost and alone with a mountain of questions brought on by the unusual circumstances surrounding Sophia’s death. Now with very little to go on Kira is left to wonder, was Sophia murdered or was there a possibility her best friend was still alive? Her questions would soon be answered and her life put in horrible danger.

The storyline was interesting and most certainly had potential but it felt rushed and vaguely written. In my opinion, both the plot and the characters needed more depth and build up in order for the reader to become fully absorbed in the story. There were grammatical and structural errors that at times caused me to re-read a sentence multiple times before continuing on reading. This was not a terrible book by any means and I recommend reading this to anyone who is a fan of theological thrillers and mysteries. Aside from the aforementioned hitches, this was a pleasant read.

My Rating:

Happy Reading,

Hazel O’Shea



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