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Book Review: Eden June 14, 2011

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“… the last days are not unfolding exactly as written, but make no mistake – Heaven and Hell have fallen to Earth.”

When an earthquake plunges the world into darkness, Alexandra Contreras struggles for survival and seeks answers. Guided by a mysterious, scarred man, she braves the wasteland in search of humanity’s mythical birthplace: Eden. Once confronted with her tragic destiny, she must make a decision which will alter the fate of the world.

My Review:

Matthew Plourde’s Eden is an amazing tale of good vs. evil, believing in yourself and love conquering all. Mr. Plourde wastes no time getting the reader involved and interested in this epic apocalyptic adventure! This story is filled with Angels, Demons and prophecies, bringing with them extreme danger and unbreakable bonds. The action starts no later than the first page and continues on to the very last, making it near impossible to put this book down!

At the very beginning we meet Alexandra Contreras. A straight arrow, successful thirty year old lawyer who now calls Texas her home. It had been years since her last trip to Mexico and would’ve been many more if it weren’t for her mother passing away. It had already been a year, but Alexandra’s grief and guilt still weighed heavily on her heart. She was on her way to collect her inheritance, her childhood home, when an earthquake struck, overturning her bus and life as she knew it within minutes. Once freeing herself from the wreckage she discovers a world set on fire! Buildings have crumbled, roads have been ripped away and it seems very few people have survived. There is no one to turn to, no safe place to go. That is, until she meets the mysterious scarred man who will stop at nothing to keep her out of danger, putting his life on the line time after time in order to preserve hers. It was as if fate itself stepped in and brought Koneh to Alexandra, or more so, she to him. Koneh had waited a lifetime to find her, to protect her and bring her home. Home to Eden, where the Savior belonged.

Though it didn’t happen exactly as it was written in Revelations, Heaven and Hell had fallen and the world was indeed ending. Their journey ahead will be filled with pain and suffering and most certainly death, but Alexandra knows that she must go on. As much as she tries to deny who she truly is, she knows deep within her soul that Koneh is right, she is The One, the child of God. As they forge on they are joined by Erzulie, a fallen Angel who was cast out of heaven for putting a humans life above God’s law. Father Callahan, a Catholic priest who quickly becomes Alexandra’s voice of reason and shoulder to lean on during these horrendous last days. Marco, a man Alexandra feels sympathy for but is unable to fully trust. Along with many more important and easy to feel for characters. They are up against pure evil and are willing to fight for what’s right, for what needs to be done. Their faith and above all, their love, keep them strong and help push them onward to their final destination. Eden.

I absolutely loved this book! The story does focus on biblical theories and beliefs, but in no way preaches to the reader. Whether you’re Christian or not, you will enjoy this book and walk away with a feeling of love and hope! I had the most difficult time putting this book down because every page brought something new to the story! Mr. Plourde does not tell you this story, he shows you the story. Creating an attachment between you and the characters allowing you to be right there with them, in every moment. Eden is now on my list of favorites and I highly recommend reading this to everyone looking for an inspiring and adventuresome read!

My Rating:

Happy Reading,

Hazel O’Shea


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