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Party Like It’s 1889!! Guest Post and Giveaway May 23, 2011

Posted by Jaidis in Books, Giveaways.

Woot! This week I’m having a party on Juniper Grove! Okay…so maybe I’m just telling you about a super awesome party. Either way, it’s time to break out the party hats and confetti because you have to look the part if you want to join in! Not really…you just have to be able to comment…but imagine how awesome you’d look with a party hat ;)

Today I am excited to be part of the party being held over at 1889 Labs. I’m sure that everyone already knows who 1889 Labs is but just in case you have been hiding under a rock, 1889 Labs is an independent publisher who has made it their goal to bring you the strangest fiction authors have to offer. Sounds awesome already doesn’t it? Well, they have taken the madness to a whole new level and declared May a month to Party Like It’s 1889!

Four authors, four books, four weeks of contests and over ten amazing prizes, including a brand new Kindle! Here are the details:

Every week they will be giving away one 1889 Labs paperback of your choosing, a $10 Amazon voucher, plus some must-have ebooks!

Up for grabs this month only:

3rd Place: A backstage pass! Get an advance ebook copy of the next title they publish in June 2011!

2nd Place: A VIP ticket, granting you access to advance copies of every ebook they will publish this year, before anyone else gets ahold of them! You can’t say no to 10+ free ebooks!

1st Place: A VIP ticket for 10+ free advance ebooks as outlined above and….a KINDLE!!

So want to know how you can enter for your chance to win? Of course you do!

(My 3 year old daughter insists she can read and chooses Hungry For You daily, insisting I take a picture. I blame 1889 Labs for giving extra entries for posting a picture like the one above..lol)

I had the pleasure of reading this week’s book, Hungry For You by A.M. Harte! You can read my whole review HERE

But enough about me and my thoughts. Today Ms. Harte has generously agreed to guest post! Here is what she has to say:


To Fellow Zombie Haters by A.M. Harte

When I tell people I’ve written a zombie anthology, the most common reaction I get is puzzled disbelief.

“Zombies?” they say. “Like mindless, brain-eating monsters?”

“Yes!” I reply. “But, not quite.” Then I realize I’m only making matters worse, so I hasten to explain: “See, it’s zombie love stories, so they’re not your usual run-of-the-mill monsters. I’ve got swimming zombies, married zombies, zombie swans and even zombie civil rights!”

That’s about the point when whoever I’m talking to begins to back away slowly.

“I’m normal, really!” I call after them, putting on my best puppy dog eyes. “I don’t even like zombies.”

And that admission generally only confirms my insanity.

Why would an author write about a subject they hate? Why, especially, would an author write love stories about something they hate? I can’t blame people for thinking I’m crazy.

To be perfectly honest, no one is more baffled than me that my debut is a zombie love anthology. I hate zombies. Not only do I scare easily, but I have terribly vivid nightmares. Prior to publishing Hungry For You, I had never read a zombie book nor seen a zombie film (and I still haven’t done the latter!).

So what makes a normally sane girl all of a sudden decide to write love stories about something she hates?

Two words: sheer stubbornness.

I was invited to submit to a zombie love flash fiction competition. My initial reaction was along the lines of “psh, no way, ew!” but as soon as I decided I wouldn’t take part, the little devil-muse on my shoulder whispered: “Why not?”

Why not, indeed. I couldn’t think of a single reason that didn’t make me look like a coward.

Part of the joy in being a writer is experimenting with different themes, different styles, different genres. Sticking to one narrow little writing box is like going on holiday to the same place every year. Sure, there’s comfort in familiarity, in knowing what to do and where to go, but you are missing out on so many new experiences.

Writing about zombies was like visiting an exotic location. Oh, you know of Zombieland, and that other people go there, but it never crosses your mind to go there yourself. And all of a sudden I realized I wanted to go to Zombieland. I wanted to be the adventurous traveler. I wanted to see and touch and experience this foreign new world. Even if the trip turned out to be absolutely awful, at least I would know.

So I wrote my first zombie love story. And pretty soon I found myself visiting Zombieland again. And then a third time. And then a fourth. Soon I had to get a new passport because all the blank pages were covered in visa stamps.

And you know what? I’m still utterly baffled that I’ve enjoyed writing about zombies so much. They still terrify and disgust me, but I’ve come to realize that there’s a lot more to zombies than you can learn from a guidebook.

So do me a favor. Visit Zombieland. You never know; you might enjoy the trip, too.


A.M. Harte writes twisted speculative fiction, such as the zombie love anthology Hungry For You. She is excellent at missing deadlines, has long forgotten what ‘free time’ means, and enjoys procrastinating over at amharte.com.


This week, until May 28th, there is an e-book copy of Hungry For You up for grabs here on Juniper Grove! For your chance to win, simply leave a comment on THIS post telling me what your feelings about zombies are. Your comment will also get you an entry to win a $10 Amazon Voucher, a paperback of your choice from 1889 Labs and an entry to win one of the grand prizes! And remember, the more you comment, the more chances you have to win!

Visit 1889 Labs to find out all the ways to get entries into the giveaways!

Happy Reading,




1. A.M.Harte - May 23, 2011

Woohoo, thanks for hosting me! I love the photos of your daughter, she’s a future bookaholic in the making!

2. Debbie - May 23, 2011

I love how your daughter is peeking over the top of her book! How cute! Another blogger on the way, yes?

Zombies are scary. They are literally the only thing that scares me in scary movies. I cant even watch the zombie comedies. I think it has something to do with the cannibalism and the dead hunting us. Either way, zombies are really the only thing in the world (other than spiders) that I find scary!

Jaidis - May 23, 2011

I guess you wouldn’t want to come across a Zombie Spider then *shudders*

Thanks for the compliment on my daughter! I do think she is blogger material ;)

Debbie - May 26, 2011

*hides* I dont even want to imagine a giant, zombified spider. Id never sleep again!

Its adorable she already thinks she can read (your daughter), I bet it’s because of mom and her good influence! ;) Or bad, depending on how you see it! Hehe.

3. Audrey - May 24, 2011

I really have no preference to Zombies though I do like the functional ones rather then the slow lumbering ones…lol

4. mcchots - May 26, 2011

Zombies are people too.
Just watch the Undead Ted documentary.

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6. James R - May 27, 2011

Zombies ooze…but maybe if they came pickled in jars and were left in display cases they might prove more interesting?

While I’m no zombie lover, they can make for some entertainment and I’ve enjoyed more than a few…

Jaidis - May 27, 2011

It certainly would make things more interesting to have them safely tucked away in jars for entertainment and educational purposes…but then where the sense of adventure ;)

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