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Book Review: Probability Angels May 20, 2011

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Matthew Huntington’s problems seem to keep growing. Not only is he seeing things in garbage cans but his mentor doesn’t think he’s working up to his full potential, his best friend can’t offer any solace but drunken confusion, and his wife is dying in Central Park. Of course, the fact that Matthew himself died over two decades ago isn’t helping things. And then things start to really go wrong.

Come explore the world of Matthew and Epp and see what a samurai from Feudal Japan has to do with the course of modern physics, what a two-thousand year old Roman slave has to do with the summit of Mount Everest, and what a dead man from Brooklyn has to do with the fate of the world.

My Review:

Probability Angels by Joseph Devon brings to light the probability of certain situations like life and death. The reader is introduced to interesting ‘angels’ who are responsible for inspiring and choosing the fate of their charges. What gives us inspiration when we question ourselves? Who determines the outcome of a struggle in the park? The answer of course are people like Matthew Huntington, who has been dead for over two decades.

Mr. Devon has created a complex world that consists mainly of what-ifs. Within this world there are intriguing characters such as Epp the two-thousand year old Roman Slave and Kyo the Japanese Ronin. Backs must be watched because just as in the real world, there are power struggles and enemies pretending to be allies. Gregor, another Probability Angel who pushed Bram Stoker to write Dracula, is leading a cause to overthrow Epp and his followers who strongly believes that Epp has been in power too long.

Each chapter is broken down into smaller sections, each following certain characters and what they are up to at the time. There were some times that I would be into the story and then it would jump to another part and I would have to wait to get back into the story in which I was pulled. Either way, Mr. Devon does a fantastic job and has created a world that is unique and unforgettable.

My Rating:

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