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Book Review: Quest of the Demon May 19, 2011

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Darci is a popular sixteen-year-old girl who plays basketball and lives in an ordinary country town. But her life is changed forever when she is accidentally transported to the land of Nahaba by a young apprentice wizard called Taslessian.

Within hours of her unexpected arrival, both teens are thrust into a dangerous journey to the cave of Grisham the Great in the hope that he would be able to send her home.

Upon reaching the cave, however, Darci quickly discovers that there is no such thing as accidents, and that their journey is only just beginning.

The Quest of the Demon has begun.

My Review:

Quest of the Demon by M L Sawyer is the exciting story of Darci, just an average teenage girl, who is accidentally summoned into a world full of magic called Nahaba. The young apprentice wizard, Taslessian, is the one who summoned her although he doesn’t know how or even why it happened. There are instantly some small sparks between Darci and Taslessian, as both are intrigued by the other’s world and habits.

Quest of the Demon does not waste any time jumping into action as Taslessian’s master and wizard Belderon is forced into battle with an evil wizard named Domati, ultimately being killed in the process. Domati wants Darci in hopes of learning about her world and believes that her knowledge will give him endless power. Taslessian and Darci set out on an adventure that neither expected to be possible.

Soon Taslessian and Darci are brought to Grisham, one of the last Great Dragons. He proceeds to tell them what they are up against and what must happen. An epic battle is about to occur between the North and the South parts of Nahaba, with an evil Demon and Domati leading the attacks. Together with the knight Maledorian, an Amazon warrior named Defyance and an elf named Lief, the group sets out with hopes of ending the battle before it starts. The sole outcome of the battle depends on Darci and a choice that she isn’t even sure how to make.

Quest of the Demon is a great story and is definitely filled with potential. I know there are other books that follow characters found in Quest of the Demon but I don’t know if they are part of the same series. My only complaint, or issue if you will, with this book is that I would have liked to see more of the relationship between Taslessian and Darci. It starts out great and the spark between them grows when they share a steamy kiss, but then it all fizzles out as the story focuses solely on the battle ahead. If more of Teslessian and Darci’s story is included in the next book, I am hoping to see where their relationship may lead, especially after how this book ended.

My Rating:

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