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Come For the Sexy, Stay for the Happily Ever After May 4, 2011

Posted by Jaidis in Come & Get It Romance & Erotica Week.
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Come For the Sexy, Stay for the Happily Ever After


Jenna Petersen


Hi everyone and thanks again for having me (last week you had me as my alter ego, Jesse Petersen, who writes zombie books). Today, though, I’m Jenna Petersen and I’ve been thinking a lot about why I write romance, historical romance to be more specific.

I came to romance late in life. I’d actually started writing it before I started reading it. And I fell in love with very sexy stories like those written by Lisa Kleypas or Sabrina Jeffries. That’s always what I wrote, the sexy romances set in the Regency period. I like sexual tension and erotic scenes. I’ve always been very comfortable writing them (which is probably why the transition to also writing erotic romance as Jess Michaels was pretty easy).

But as much as I’m one of those readers who skims through the books I pick up for the “good stuff” and a writer who likes to put the “good stuff” into my books, that isn’t the reason I love romance novels (reading or writing). The reason I love romance is the emotional journey that leads to the happily ever after.

See, aside from writing sexy, I also like to write dark, angsty stories.  I like an intense emotional journey between the hero and heroine, a journey where the reader isn’t totally sure they can work it out and are on the edge of their seats until the moment where it DOES work out. Because to me, that dark angst make the happily ever after all the more satisfying.

Additionally, I also really love the whole concept of the happily ever after. Real life isn’t always easy. It certainly isn’t always fair. But when I read a romance, I know that despite any pain or suffering the hero and heroine go through, in the end, it’s going to be okay. They will find a way to overcome the obstacles that stand between them, they will find a way to let love win instead of anything else that is negative. And that is an uplifting and wonderful thing.

If I can write it well and give a reader a good day… then I’ve done my job. And I love it.


Jenna Petersen’s latest release is ROGUE FOR A NIGHT, available on Kindle and Nook. Her “Billingham Bastards” series ends with A SCOUNDREL’S SURRENDER in August 2011, from Avon Books.


I’d like to thank Jenna for taking time out of her day to visit Juniper Grove!

You can check out all of Jenna’s romances at her Website

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