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Vote for Tonia! April 24, 2011

Posted by Jaidis in Random.

As some of you may have already heard there is a HUGE contest going on right now to select a person to have a special speaking role in the upcoming special anniversary edition of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods audiobook. The contest began on April 13 and will be open for voting until May 2nd. A very special friend of mine, author Tonia Brown, has submitted her amazing voice to the contest in hopes of winning the grand prize.

Here is what Tonia has to say in her Facebook event created just for this special occasion:

“Okay guys! In the past I have supported independent authors by reading for the Library of The Living Dead podcast and for some authors on an individual basis. Now I have entered a contest to appear on the anniversary audio recording of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, and I need votes desperately!

If I win I get to go to NY to record the parts and meet Mr. Gaiman. I’m not just entering this because I want to meet the man, no, I am entering it because I freaking LOVE this book and would die to be a part of its history.

Please go to the link below and vote for me if you like my recording. Thanks! And if you can please spread the word. I am WAY behind on votes because I just found out about it today.


You can vote once a day! So come back every day and drop a vote if you can. :)

You can register through your facebook account or through the website. (The facebook is easiest!)”


So there you have it! Please if you have a spare moment, and it really does only take a moment if you log in via Facebook, to sign in and vote for Tonia! She is always willing to help out others and lend a hand when asked. I know this personally because she has not only been a huge inspiration to me and my writing but she has always been there to help out when I need it. It would mean a lot to me, and even more so to Tonia, if you would cast your vote for her. There are a lot of votes standing between her and the grand prize since she is about a week and a half behind everyone else, but I think if we all pitch in by voting and spreading the word, she could jump up the voting charts quickly.

Please remember that you can cast your vote daily so be sure to vote each day if possible until the May 2nd deadline!

Once again, the link to go cast your vote is HERE

Even if you can’t cast a vote, please consider at least sharing this post with your friends so that they may vote.





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