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Guest Post by Author Rye James April 22, 2011

Posted by Jaidis in Dark Nights Week.
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First of all I’d like to thank Jaidis and Juniper Grove for having me during Dark Nights Week! My newest book is called A Soul Worth Taking, which will be the first book in a four book series called The Evil Series. It’s a paranormal book that also has some horror elements in it. I’ll try to give a slimmed down version of the book without giving too much away or any spoilers. The main character is a man named Mike Moore, who goes through a terrible tragedy. He’s in a vulnerable state of mind, which creates a bit of a pull over his soul between Heaven and Hell. The devil sees an opportunity to acquire another soul while he’s in a weakened state, before he pulls out of it, trying different tactics to entice him to seek revenge and further pull him into Hell. At the same time Heaven sends an angel to guide him through these dark times to prevent him from succumbing to evil.

The idea for the series actually came to me when I read an article about shadow creatures. I read a little more about them and thought of how I could use that in a book. I thought it’d be a pretty cool idea to have a series of books about how evil tries to seduce someone to the dark side, and in each book taking a different form to accomplish that task. So I outlined the first three books of the series and came up with A Soul Worth Taking, The Woods (book 2 – tentative title), and Shadow Man (book 3). I’m still in the process of outlining book four.

For those who are unfamiliar with me, this is the darkest book I have written. I’ve got five other books out, four are Westerns and the other a Suspense/Thriller. This is a book, and a series, that I’m extremely excited about and I think it has great potential. Each book will be a stand alone title and have a start and finish. There are no cliffhangers, though each book will offer a lead-in to the next story. Though I think it’s a good story, obviously readers will determine how good it is. I’m hopeful that they’ll enjoy it.

Thanks for the opportunity to visit! Happy Dark Nights!

Rye James


If you are interested in learning more about Mr. James, check out his Blog

Be sure to check out my Dark Nights Giveaway to enter for your chance to win a digital copy of A Soul Worth Taking!

Happy Reading,




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