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The Veil of Imagination by Lori Titus April 18, 2011

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The Veil of Imagination


Lori Titus


I was asked recently: why am I drawn to horror?

It’s a loaded question. There are the standby answers. Childhood trauma. Adult trauma. A certain form of madness that seems to plague people that write or stare out of classroom windows for too long.

So many of the people I know have the same mindset. Talk to enough authors of horror and crime drama, zombie stories and vampire lovers, doomed romances with paranormal leanings, and you can almost think you’re normal. Until you talk to someone else who isn’t a fellow author of the unexpected.

Where on Earth do you come up with this stuff?

The warm voice on the other end of the phone was a close friend, and I know she meant no harm by asking that question. It’s an honest one. That’s what makes it so hard to answer.

What a lot of authors probably think is….how come other people don’t come out with this stuff?

It may be that we’re just tuned in to a slightly different wavelength. Everything is a “what if.” What if the people across the street are a family of serial killers? What if the apocalypse has already started and no one has noticed yet? What if that kind man behind the candy store counter is waiting to pull out the already loaded shotgun he keeps in the stockroom the next time a customer pisses him off?

The whole world is ready fodder for our overactive imaginations.  Those of us who write scary stories like to embrace the beast, whether it is our own or someone else’s. In enumerating all the “what if‘s,” there is a feeling of safety. It’s a false security to be sure, as all the veils of shadow and imagination are.  But it makes some of us feel better. Exorcising our demons, our pain, our sick little thoughts, helps us sleep at night.

And if we can keep you clinging to our words, turning pages, and waiting for our next book, then it’s all for the best.


2011 Lori Titus

Lori is the Managing Editor of Flashes in the Dark. Her latest offerings, Lazarus and Green Water Lullaby are available on Amazon.com. Two more releases are due this Fall:
Hailey’s Shadow and The Moon Goddess.


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