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Book Review – The MPire: In Search of the Lost April 12, 2011

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In Search of the Lost is the story of Mallory Towneson Haulm, a sexy financial powerhouse, who lives in a quasi paradise in Austin, Texas. His opulent world is decorated with expensive toys and women more exquisite than an exotic candy shop. After fourteen years of separation from his family, Mallory is summoned to return home to join The Family Business. Poised for success, Mallory is focused on turning around the ailing business, not realizing that taking his assigned reigns will put him in a position of unrelenting power which he is unaware he even has. His world crashes as he reunites with his brothers and becomes Death, the fourth horseman of the Apocalypse. With every complication popping up in his life, the biggest one by far is in the form of an old lover from the past coming back to reclaim the spot in Mallory’s heart.

My Review:

The MPire: In Search of the Lost by author TL James is an intriguing tale of a man who must choose between the life he knows and the one he has long forgotten. Mallory Towneson has everything a man could want: a successful business, a sexy physique and  plenty of women. But those things never last forever and Mallory must take up his position in the family business. The only problem is that he hasn’t been apart of the family for the last fourteen years. To make matters worse, the family business isn’t just your average everyday company. Mallory is expected to take his role as Death, which should be an easy transition since it is his destiny but he has blocked out all early memories of it. The MPire: In Search of the Lost is definitely a book that requires you to think outside of the box and pushes on the typical boundaries accepted by society. If the reader is able to look beyond some of the situations in the book, I believe they will enjoy the struggles the characters must face. This book does contain very strong sexual themes in both M/F and M/M scenarios so it should only be read by mature adult audiences. Also, there were some grammatical errors that forced me to stop and re-read parts until I figured out what was intended. Even with the grammatical errors, The MPire: In Search of the Lost will keep the reader enchanted on Mallory’s journey of self discovery.

My Rating:

Happy Reading,




1. tl james - April 12, 2011


2. TL James - April 12, 2011

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3. Bobbie Crawford-McCoy (Nurture Your BOOKS) - April 12, 2011

An excellent review, Jaidis! Great stuff!! :-)

4. The MPIRE: In Search of the Lost – Nurture BOOK TOUR Page » NURTURE Virtual BOOK Tourz™ BLOG - April 13, 2011

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5. Cheryl F. - April 16, 2011

That was a great review! I am following your blog now!

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