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Book Review: Qi (Book One of the Baba Yaga) March 12, 2011

Posted by Jaidis in 4 Tree Reviews, Book Reviews.

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Thirteen-year-old uber-archer Samantha is thrilled to qualify for Xenith, the most prestigious — and mysterious — Olympic training facility in the world. Much more than an athletic camp, it’s a fantasy land where living dolls and the Baba Yaga abound. Plus there’s Dr. Nine, a master alchemist whose magical laboratory is very well guarded indeed. But not all that glitters is Olympic gold. When dangerous secrets begin to surface, Sam must fight to expose Xenith’s dark underbelly to save her friends and family…if she survives herself.

My Review:

Qi (Book of the Baba Yaga) is a wonderfully entertaining book about the Liffey sisters’ magical and mysterious journey to Xenith, a prestigious Olympic training camp. The story follows the Liffey sisters, who find themselves in the presence of a magical doll who is the key to finding Xenith’s secret entrance. What starts out as a dream to train for the Olympics soon turns out to be a fight for survival. The reader will easily be caught up in the descriptive imagery that Elizabeth Svigar uses throughout the books pages. Each character came to life right from the beginning. The details given were so specific that the reader will feel as though they personally know them. There are twists and turns around every corner where you receive a full emotional ride; suspense, intrigue, sadness and happiness, while nothing is ever how it seems. Hopefully I will have the chance to read more from Elizabeth Svigar. Qi is suitable for all ages; that being said, it is really a younger adult book or a book for the young at heart.

My Rating:



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