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Book Review: The Betrayal March 4, 2011

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Two brothers hunt the supernatural so we don’t have to. Eighteen year old Zachariah McCannon was forced to grow up fast. His parents left him to raise is younger brother, Matthew. No easy task. Matt has powers and because of that Zack stays on his toes to keep him safe. When a demon ask Matt a question, “How far will you go to save your brother,” Zack replies, “As far as I have to.” Now evil is after them and if they’re not careful, neither will be able to escape!

My Review:

The Betrayal by Sheila Hendrix is the first book in The Dark Circle Saga. It introduces us to brothers Zach and Matt who have had to rely on each other since they were young boys when their parents left them. Zach, being the oldest, saw to it that nobody could ever take his brother away from him and so they travel from place to place. Normally this would just be a sad story, but throw in the fact that younger brother Matt has visions, and the story becomes more interesting. Along their travels, Zach and Matt fend off repeated attempts from supernatural beings who want Matt for his powers. One such being is Alayna, an evil demon who has been trying to steal Matt’s powers since he was an infant. The bond between Zach and Matt was written with emotion and I found it quite believable at times. The only thing I would have like to see in The Betrayal, was a little more back story leading up to where the brothers are in the present time. We get the basic gist of their story so it was a smooth read, but I think a little more of their past would make the tale more believable. Maybe we will get more of that background information in book two of the series. All in all it was a quick read, I read it in one sitting, and I look forward to reading more of Zach and Matt in future books.

My Rating:

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1. Sheila Hendrix - March 4, 2011

Hi Jadis!

Thanks for the great interview! I’m actually working on book two in the series right now. It’s called Head Games and is a prequel to The Betrayal so you’ll definitely get more of the back story. Hope you will allow me here again!

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