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Book Review: The Storyteller February 22, 2011

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Sarah is a Soul who is trying to guide Suzy along her path of rediscovering herself… Or is it redefining? Reinventing? Sarah thinks it might be better defined as remembering, but it’s only Suzy who is concerned about the semantics. Sarah just wishes Suz would get on with it. A rather spirited Spirit, Sarah often finds herself rolling her eyes at Suzy’s antics and the walls she has built up following the death of her husband. Sarah knows the body/mind/spirit energy who is currently housed in the human called Suzy has faced far more difficult challenges than the one she chose for this reincarnation.

Storyteller is the most common role this body/mind/spirit has chosen for its human lives and Sarah chooses to tell the story of Suzy’s spiritual awakening as it unfolds, interweaving compelling stories of past lives and how these individual energies accomplished their shifts in awareness. There are three such interwoven stories beginning in 10,000 BC in Eastern Europe where a young apprentice storyteller named Luza is thrust into her awakening by the death of her mentor/shaman and a natural catastrophe. The next story Sarah reveals takes us to 5000 BC and the American Southwest, into the life of Chu-Tze, a healer who milks snakes to aid in her treatment of children. Chu-Tze must overcome the unbearable loss of her husband and children and find a way to the ultimate forgiveness. Sarah then tells the tale of Zhumbee, a prince in East Africa at the time of Jesus. Zhumbee’s grandmother takes the prince on a journey to meet this mysterious prophet whose words he holds in his heart as he leads his city-state to its glory.

Suzy’s journey takes the reader from the lush shores of Seattle to the deepest heart of Africa where humanity is said to have made its first appearance.

My Review:

The Storyteller by Sharon Tillotson is the spiritual and thought provoking tale of Suzy on her path to self discovery. After the death of her husband, Suzy is left trying to figure out who she is and what it is that she wants from life. Her business is doing the best it has done in years, she has reconnected with her two children, and all in all things are looking like they couldn’t be better. Yet Suzy feels that something is missing, and through a series of self help seminars, she realizes what it is that she wants to do. She takes off to Africa to begin opening a foundation to help spread the message of ULove, or Universal Love.

The Storyteller jumps around in content, as the reader embarks on the journey of Sarah who is a Soul and is the guiding force in Suzy’s life. Sarah happens to be a storyteller and tells about some of her previous reincarnations throughout different chapters. There were a few spots that seemed to be sluggish and were drawn out during the retelling of Sarah’s reincarnations which were a little tiring at times. They quickly pick back up, especially in the telling of Suzy’s story and it all comes together nicely. There are several thought provoking concepts throughout the book, and don’t really follow one line of religion or the other. I found this refreshing because even though it is religious, the story doesn’t follow just one path, which really helped prove the point of Universal Love. If you want a spiritual read that will make you sit back and re-examine your own life, then The Storyteller by Sharon Tillotson is for you.

My Rating:

Happy Reading,




1. Sharon Tillotson - February 24, 2011

Thank you Jaidis, for taking the time to read The Storyteller and writing such a thoughtful review. It is very much appreciated. I’m glad you found it thought-provoking.

I wish you all good things!

Sharon Tillotson

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