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Book Review: Travels in Ghana December 29, 2010

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This travelogue was written by a former Peace Corps Volunteer who lived in Togo for two years. Eleven years later, a visit to friends in Accra in September 2009 included a road trip from one end of Ghana to another. From the capital city of Accra to the traditional painted village of Sirigu in the far north, the people, the adventures and the sights are described, as well as tourist facilities for those interested in traveling in Ghana. There are insights and explanations of Ghanaian customs, culture, cuisine and daily life.

Among the places visited are the slave castle at Elmina, the stilt village of Nzulezu, Mole National Park, Sirigu village, an unexpected find at Bolgatanga, the monkey sanctuary at Boabeng-Fiema, and the kente weaving village of Adanwomase. Also illustrated are the making of a variety of local products and crafts with photos by the author.

My Review:

I normally do not read many travel books, not because of my preference to them, but because I want to read so many books that books such as Travels in Ghana by Marie McCarthy are often pushed lower on my to-read list. However, once I got the time to read this particular book, it was very refreshing and a delightful read. Travels in Ghana is the re-telling of Ms. McCarthy’s trip to Ghana and all the sights along the way. This book is written very much like a journal would be, and was a pleasant change from the normal books I read. There are also several pictures along the way that help you feel as though you were on the trip with Ms. McCarthy. I personally do not travel much, as I’m not big with the unfamiliar, especially in reference to travels to such places as Ghana. Though if I ever did find myself traveling, I believe I would enjoy going to a place like Ghana. Ms. McCarthy shared with us all the ups, and downs, of the trip and if you are planning on traveling to Ghana, I would definitely read this book. It prepares you for such things as food preferences, ATM usage, and tipping (even though some times it was repetitive) and I feel as though reading it from someone’s personal experience is better than reading it in a mass marketed book that is strictly based on statistics. I do know that if I ever were to travel to Ghana, I would come home a much poorer woman as I can envision myself buying several souvenirs, like from the bead shops that are talked about in the book, though most women would probably feel the same way. Even if you aren’t planning a trip to Ghana, this book would be a great way to learn about the variety of people the world as to offer and how the things that most people take for granted are only things that some could ever dream of.

My Rating:

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