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Book Review: Cries in the Dark December 27, 2010

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Two prostitutes vanish.

Chimps are mysteriously missing from a primate sign lab. Is there a possible link to a biomedical research facility?

While premed student Alex Buchanan confronts her new-found ability to communicate telepathically with animals, the body toll mounts.

When her boyfriend disappears with a dangerous secret, Alex knows a serial killer is stalking her.

Can she solve this dilemma before becoming the next victim?

My Review:

Whether you are for or against animal rights, Cries in the Dark by P.A. Woodburn is a must read. Animal experimentation is the main topic throughout the book, and rather than taking sides, Cries in the Dark sheds light on the realities of animal experiments and the impact they have on society. The story follows the story of Alex, who has a unique gift to be able to communicate with animals. She has grown up with mixed feelings of what really happens to animals in laboratories and what good, or bad, it serves to mankind. Soon Alex finds herself working at a lab that teaches sign language to chimps and she finds herself in a sticky situation while investigating the sudden murder of her friend Maggie and learning more about animals then she ever thought possible. Cries in the Dark has plenty of murder, mystery, and suspense and will pull at your heart-strings from start to finish. If you do not like reading about animal experiments and the like, this book may be a bit much for you. Although it doesn’t dramatize the situations, it does tell it like it is, and as we all know the world can be cruel sometimes. I’m quite anxious to see if there is a sequel because I was left at the end, alone and bewildered, while wondering what happened next! Cries in the Dark does contain some material that is best suited for those 17 and older.

My Rating:

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