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Book Review: The Summoning Fire December 15, 2010

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Welcome to Hell on Earth!

All Reese Howard has left is pain–and a pump-action shotgun. Sam is dead. The Old Man killed her right in front of Reese, a blood sacrifice to fuel his latest powerplay in Hell on Earth. Reese hopes the Old Man made a mistake, leaving her alive and armed. But she doubts it. He knows she’s coming. The bastard has to know. Whatever. Reese plans to make him pay. And she plans to die trying.

My Review:

The Summoning Fire by David Michael was definitely not what I was expecting when I read the book description, but in a good way. The story takes place in Hell on Earth, a place consumed by demons, harpies, and other creatures that quietly, or sometimes not so quietly, wait in the shadows waiting for the perfect moment to strike. After her partner Sam is killed in front of her, Reese Howard goes on a rampage of revenge to get back at The Old Man, a half human and half demon prince from Hell, whom single handedly tore Reese’s world apart. I found it easy to relate to these characters, because even if you haven’t went through the same trials as these characters have, there is no doubt that the emotions they display are those that most everyone would. I was originally going to rate this book a 3 because it did get confusing at times because the chapters jump back and forth, and there were a couple of times that I had to stop and think back to other chapters to pick up the story line. Another reason I was considering a 3 was because there were some very graphic scenes that tugged at my heart strings, either because they hit to close to home or because I felt as though some victims did not deserve the pain inflicted on them, although some of them probably deserved worse. But at the end of the day…I am giving The Summoning Fire a solid rating of 4 because it successfully did its job and kept my attention, made me feel for the characters, and kept me guessing as to how it would end. I’m definitely going to read more of David Michael’s writings!

My Rating:

Happy Reading,




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