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Gratitude Giveaway-Now through November 28th November 17, 2010

Posted by Jaidis in Giveaways.

Now through 11:59pm on November 28th, I will be participating in the Gratitude Giveaways Blog Hop! To thank all of our followers, over 175+ blogs are coming together and having amazing giveaways that all have to do with reading books! Below you will find the information for my giveaway. I hope you decide to enter for your chance at some great prizes!

The items above are up for grabs for 1 lucky follower! Package includes:

* Touch the Dark by Karen Chance

* An adorable Skull tote bag! Perfect for carrying your books and accessories with you where ever you may go!

* A holographic bookmark that features a skeleton coming out of his coffin!  

I have made entering this giveaway as easy as I could! Complete the 2 requirements below and you are entered for you chance at this prize package!

Rule #1: You must be a follower of my blog! This blog hop is to thank my followers after all!! Since this is a WordPress blog and I haven’t figured out how to get the Google Friend Connect to work, the only way to follow my blog is through Networked Blogs.

Rule #2: Please leave a comment containing the email where you would like to be reached if you are the winner! An email will be sent to the winner, upon which the winner will have 3 days to respond to the email and claim the prize or another winner will be chosen!

Here is a synopsis of Touch the Dark: Cassandra Palmer can see the future and communicate with Spirits–talents that make her attractive to the dead and the undead. The ghosts of the dead aren’t usually dangerous; they just like to talk…a lot.

The undead are another matter.

Like any sensible girl, Cassie tries to avoid vampires. But when the bloodsucking mafioso she escaped three years ago finds Cassie again with vengeance on his mind, she’s forced to turn to the vampire Senate for protection.

The undead senators won’t help her for nothing, and Cassie finds herself working with one of their most powerful members, a dangerously seductive master vampire–and the price he demands may be more than Cassie is willing to pay…

To see the list of other blogs participating in the Gratitude Giveaway Blog Hop, Please visit


Thanks for entering and Good Luck!!




1. Amarisae Dragonseeker - November 17, 2010

geekgirl05-at-shaw-dot-ca (just in case some troll wants to abscond with muchos emails) :D

Loving your blog, Jaidis ;) Keep up the awesome work! The book you’re offering sounds awesome :)

2. Shanda - November 17, 2010

Figured why not go for it… keirah7 at yah oo dot com. (Sorry, not as creative as Am.)

3. Theresa Cole - November 17, 2010

Following! Great giveaway :)

the_happy_soul @ yahoo.com

4. Norma Wills - November 17, 2010


Love your blog!

5. Susan Helene Gottfried - November 17, 2010

You sold me on that skull bag. Totally perfect for this rock and roll writer! Susan at WestofMars dot com. Thanks for entering for my books!

6. Lynn Demsky - November 17, 2010

What a wonderful idea, thank you ever so much for the chance to win!

7. Megan Kyser - November 17, 2010

What a great giveaway!!

megankyser at gmail dot com

8. mary kirkland - November 17, 2010

Love your giveaway!
I’m a new floower.
miztik_rose AT yahoo DOT com

9. Lisa Gibson - November 17, 2010

Adorable bag and the book sounds awesome!
New follower

10. Caitie F - November 17, 2010

AWesome giveaway!
New follower

11. Mystee - November 17, 2010

Absolutely love the bag.
I follow via networked blogs

majik.of.mystee (at) gmail.com

12. Wendy - November 17, 2010

Thanks for the chance! That bag is way cool :)

Following on networked blogs

wendyhines at hotmail dot com

13. Stacie - November 17, 2010

Networked blogs follower

simplystacieblog at gmail dot com

14. Stephanie - November 17, 2010

Thanks for the giveaway :)


15. Jennifer (Book Noise) - November 17, 2010

Thanks for the awesome giveaway. The cover is awesome and I love the bag.

BookNoise at gmail dot com

16. Alexa Nernberg - November 17, 2010

Alexa Nernberg

Hi Jaidis, I follow Juniper Grove with Networked Blogs.

Thanks for sponsoring a giveaway and the opportunity to participate.

17. Alexa Nernberg - November 17, 2010

If I win this giveaway Jaidis, you can contact me at my email address. My email addy is alexa.1959@live.com

Thanks very much!

18. Steph - November 18, 2010

Thank you for the great giveaway!!

I’m a Follower (Book Junky)


19. Tanya Wires - November 18, 2010

Ooh…I love your giveaway =) That tote is awesome! I’m a new network blog follower. Thanks for such a great giveaway! love it!

20. Raelena P. - November 18, 2010

Thanks for the giveaway! I follow via networked blogs-Rae Pavey

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

21. Patsy Hagen - November 18, 2010

I follow via network blogs.
I do like this giveaway!

22. Beth S. - November 18, 2010

This is an awesome giveaway! I looooooove the tote bag! Did you make it or did you buy it somewhere? If you bought it, I’d love to know where so I can purchase one myself if I don’t win the giveaway.

beths0103 at yahoo dot com

23. Lisa Faber - November 18, 2010

I joined your list of followers.Lisa Faber

ke7yca at gmail dot com

24. Rachelle Hayes - November 18, 2010



25. latishajean - November 18, 2010

Great giveaway thank you so much!
Im a follower too.

26. Stacy Maynard - November 18, 2010

Hello I am a follower.


Thank you.

27. Lisa - November 18, 2010

I’m actually a follower through your RSS Feed.. does that count?


28. Michele Lawrence - November 18, 2010

Great giveaway!
I’m following via Networked Blogs
Michele Caldwell Lawrence

29. Ricki - November 19, 2010

I am a new email follower.

30. Marcie - November 19, 2010

Thanks for the giveaway. I follow on network blogs

31. kindnessandmail - November 19, 2010

I am following via networked blogs (Tanya Riley) Thanks for the giveaway
tanyainjville at yahoo dot com

32. Ellen - November 19, 2010

What an epic prize. I love it! Very creative.

I am following you Networked Blogs. :D


33. Danielle - November 19, 2010

I love the tote bag. Did you make it yourself. I’ve tried but I am not any good at sewing. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

romancebookjunkiesdanielle at yahoo dot com

I’m following on Networked Blogs

34. Lora1967 - November 20, 2010

I would REALLY love to win this my daughter would LOVE the bag. It would make a great christmas gift for her. I am a new follower but please throw my name into the hat.

35. Jessica Williams - November 20, 2010

Great giveaway! If you want some help with the GFC thing shoot me an email and I will see if I can give you a hand.



36. Elise - November 20, 2010

I am having trouble following through networked blogs since I don’t have a facebook account so I follow you via email subscription(confirmed in email) and rss feed via google reader. Thanks.

caliblue7 at gmail dot com

37. Hayley - November 20, 2010

I follow through network blogs as well as email subscription.

38. Kelsey - November 20, 2010

Thanks for the great giveaway! I am a new follower!

Kelsey O.
kopsahl48 AT gmail DOT com

39. Deb@Debbie's Book Bag - November 20, 2010

Please enter me in the giveaway.


40. SiNn - November 20, 2010

I follow you via net work blogs Beverly Gordon on face book im also an email subscriver as well
awesome give away!

41. Jennelle S - November 21, 2010

Great giveaway. I follow via network blogs as Jennelle.

jlynettes @ hotmail . com

42. Lisa McGeen - November 21, 2010

Great Giveaway. I follow you on networked blogs.


43. Donna Smith - November 21, 2010

Following via Networked blogs and by email subscription. Great giveaway, that tote is fabulous. I haven’t read that particular book yet either so I would surely love to win this.

dsfrankj at gmail dot com

44. mizzlizzbeck - November 22, 2010

Awesome prize pack! Sign me up! I’m a follower on Networked Blogs. beckwithliz[at]rocketmail[dot]com

45. scarletredwill - November 22, 2010

I am a follower of your blog and would LOVE to be entered into your contest. Great giveaway! and thanks for hosting ♥

46. Autumn - November 22, 2010

I’m following via Networked Blogs. That totebag is so cute!

47. Lacey - November 22, 2010

What a sweet giveaway! Love the tote! laceybuh35 at yahoo dot com

Lacey - November 22, 2010

laceybug 35 at yahoo dot com hit the wrong letter :/

48. Jacque Stengel - November 23, 2010

What an awesome bag!

49. ashleysbookshelf - November 23, 2010

I love this! Thanks!

I am a new follower!

ashleysbookshelf at gmail dot com

50. Amber Y - November 24, 2010

ooo great giveaway! I’m following via networked blogs (amber lynn)


51. Linda Henderson - November 26, 2010

Thank you for the great giveaway. I became a Networked Blogs follower and an email subscriber.

seriousreader at live dot com

52. MarthaE - November 28, 2010

I am not on facebook but I friended you and am following on Goodreads if that counts.

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