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Lazarus by Lori Titus October 21, 2010

Posted by Jaidis in Books.

Product Description (Taken from Amazon.com):

The sound of something being dragged grew louder. …The window in the parlor was broken, leaving a gaping hole in the room like an open mouth. The night air was still warm, and the breeze came through, bringing with it a foul odor. He drew back. The smell crept across his skin, into his mouth, contaminating him with the scent of death.

The Dead Shall Walk. The Dead Shall Speak.

The stars were out, and moonlight filtered through the window. The form moved slowly. Square shoulders made thin, angular lines against the shadows, the hat concealing the features of the face. As the figure moved, it dragged across the floor a small, jumbled shape; dust rose from it. He could smell the earthiness of fur…his mind would not accept what his senses shaped before him.

It’s 1869. In the town of Lazarus, California, the dead don’t stay that way.

Luella Pembry comes to town with a secret, and a device. She offers the Sheriff and the Mayor of the town a proposition – give me my own land to build on, and I will destroy the zombies that plague your town.

Sheriff Drake is skeptical at first, but willing to try anything to save his hometown. Together, Luella and Drake set out to solve the mystery behind the Risings that are occurring in Lazarus.

Part old west fable, part ghost story, part zombie adventure, Lazarus is a thriller that grips the reader from beginning to end.

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1. loribeth215 - October 29, 2010

Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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